UN : Northern Hemisphere To Melt

Thawing permafrost covering almost a quarter of the northern hemisphere could “significantly amplify global warming” at a time when the world is already struggling to reign in rising greenhouse gases, a U.N. report said on Tuesday.

UN says thawing permafrost to boost global warming – CBS News

Most of the northern hemisphere is ocean, but the UN report is close enough for government work. The important thing is that according to the UN, the land areas are mostly frozen wasteland – and are going to belch out massive amounts of methane and kill us all.

It is already happening! And this is on top of the fact that all Himalayan glaciers will be gone by 2035 ™UN.

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7 Responses to UN : Northern Hemisphere To Melt

  1. Lance says:

    damn heat wave over there in Russia!

  2. Ron C. says:

    The permafrost bogeyman disappears in the light of the facts.

    1) When there was warming in places like Alaska, atmospheric methane did not increase.

    2) Permafrost depletion in the NH stopped since 2005.

    3) When permafrost thaws, vegetation grows and removes more CO2 than is released by the melting. The region acts as a sink, not a source of CO2.

    4) Past warm periods (Medieval and Holocene warmings) did not produce increases in methane.

    Runaway warming from permafrost thawing has not happened before, is not happening now, but we should believe it will happen if we don’t do something?

  3. Braqueish says:

    That’s a lovely Freudian slip in the quotation. I assume the world (in their eyes) is trying to “rein in” greenhouse gasses. However, the UN itself is more interested in reigning.

  4. Gore Idiot Effect. Causes the internet to be swamped with melting permafrost media stories when the permafrost won’t be melting for the next 6 or 7 months….

  5. Ivan says:

    Happens all the time …
    “The ground is perennially frozen here, as it is also farther south. When summer comes and the ice surface melts, the water is not absorbed. It is repelled by the frozen subsoil, which acts like impenetrable cement. The ground water accumulates and covers the land as far as the eye can see. The rivers are overburdened with water and they cannot drain the entire vast territory. This is the most forbidding part of the Siberian Arctic.”
    ~8 January 1944

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