Brazilians Ramires, Luiz To The NFL

If Chelsea was an NFL team, they would have six points now from two wonderful field goals by Ramires and Luiz. Ramires cleared the bar by a good 30 feet.

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3 Responses to Brazilians Ramires, Luiz To The NFL

  1. Bruce says:

    We’ll give them a spot in AFL. Six points for a straight goal at any height and one point if you miss to left or right. Ramires would like that.

  2. Sundance says:

    Has AGW finally altered gravity too? AGW is responsible for everything wrong on the planet and prominent EPL blokes had that wonderful spot in the 1010 video to remind us. 😉

    • Global Warming causes more water to evaporate, decreasing the density of the air, & causing the ball to fly further (& perhaps higher).

      Or maybe Global Warming causes more thunderstorms, which are caused by inversion layers, & the colder air they’re playing in (because of Global Warming causing an inversion layer) means that the ball originally filled with warmer, lower-density air is more buoyant & thus flies higher & stay up longer.

      Or maybe Global Warming caused by CO2 increases the mass of the atmosphere, causing it to compress the Earth slightly, & thus increasing surface gravity (I think. I can’t remember any more how to calculate surface gravity from mass & radius, & I’m too lazy to look it up right now) & causing the kicker(s) to overcompensate & kick the ball too hard.

      I just don’t know. I think the Gummint should send me 2.5M dollars to study this.

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