Chicago Wants Truck Drivers To Switch To Golf Carts

“The city is encouraging companies to invest in electric vehicles in order to incrementally improve Chicago’s air quality while helping to advance these emerging transportation technologies,” Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein said in a statement. “By offering a voucher at the point of sale, rather than as a post-sale rebate, we hope that more companies will be encouraged to participate in the program.”

City Hall wants diesel drivers to swap for electric vehicles

The government should mandate that everyone must purchase an Obamacar or face taxes penalties taxes . These amazing vehicles can go 30 miles on battery power, and only require three hours to recharge – assuming you can find a 240 volt outlet.

Electric Vehicle Timeline | Union of Concerned Scientists

h/t to Dave G


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6 Responses to Chicago Wants Truck Drivers To Switch To Golf Carts

  1. gator69 says:

    Electric vehicles will be just perfect for Chicago winters. Who needs a heater?

  2. R. de Haan says:

    They really want to see us dead don’t they.

  3. DrFurst Dunaharm says:

    “18 wheels and a dozen roses” is now “4 tiny wheels and no money for roses”

    Yeah, let’s have the truck drivers take the hit so we can legislate better weather.

    great idea, Einstein.

  4. Justa Joe says:

    This sounds like a resurrection of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s previous boondoggle.

    “…$32 million given by taxpayers to Smith would inspire consumers to buy into electric trucks. After the company received $10 million the previous August – with no track record of business or sales in the U.S. whatsoever – the Department of Energy awarded another $22 million for a “demonstration” project in which Smith Electric’s customers would be given the trucks nearly for free.”

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Chicago has already inflicted electric garbage trucks onto their poor garbagemen:

    The refuse trucks will each sport ten 20-kilowatt-hour battery packs which will provide at least 60 miles of range. Garbage routes are an ideal fit for an electric truck, as long as the collection station or dump is not too far.

    60 whole miles, wow! I wonder how far that is in winter and whether the city makes them dress like eskimoes in the driver’s cab?

    On tother hand the unionised garbagement may quite this if it lets them sit around and do nothing for most of the day waiting for the batteries to recharge.

  6. savebyj says:

    Anger. Denial. Acceptance. Sob. We are doomed.

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