Human Footprint Found

Global warming can bring heavy snow, light snow or no snow.

Used to be, New England winters were big snow years or low snow years — but never no snow years. The New England skier was not raised to consider snow an unreliable occurrence.

But after a winter with little more than trace amounts of snow, which followed a winter of record snowfalls, it is hard to have clear expectations as ski season begins.

Outlook uncertain on N.E. ski slopes as season gets underway – Travel –

Just like it was in 1932

  1. No Snow At Lake Placid, Ski Slate Shortened .

    ‎Lewiston Daily Sun – Jan 3, 1942

    No Snow At Lake Placid, Ski Slate Shortened . of snow which already had . cancelled one event of the 21 1st Annual Invitation College Ski Com petition 
  2. No Snow, Spirits Low Along Eastern Coast .

    ‎Milwaukee Journal – Jan 7, 1950

    But the winter resort own er Is not easily discouraged. It takes more than  And this was the report from Lake Placid Thursday. snow Spirits low. Every thing else 
  3. No Snow, Cold Plague Games .

    ‎Star-News – Feb 1, 1980

    OLYMPICS — Things could be better in Lake Placid. for the upcoming Winter Olympics and ABC-TV. There’s snow, but not enough of it. 

    How It Was In Lake Placid 1932 .‎ Times-News
    … ; FROM PUNXSUTAWNEY TO LAKE PLACID,…‎ Boston Globe (Pay-Per-View)
    Lake Placid Ready Despite Olympic-Size…‎ New York Times ($3.95)
    Bryan Times – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

  4. No SnowPlacid Cancels Weekend Events .

    ‎Schenectady Gazette – Jan 4, 1983

    LAKE PLACID lack of snow and last week’s mild weather forced the state  area, but the officials said cove age at the top of the course was not adequate .

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3 Responses to Human Footprint Found

  1. Lance says:

    Vancouver…but Suzuki stated that this was due to GW…so it must be true! /sarc….

  2. Scarface says:

    Steven, you might ‘like’ this: Fourteen is the new fifteen

    “According to the leaders of the global warming doomsday cult, the average surface temperature of Earth is 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 degrees Fahrenheit), but this is a new value which has quietly replaced the original average of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit).”

    “In other words, James Hansen sent word that 14 is the new 15.

    Cooling of the past: you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • After my definitive Venus/Earth temperatures comparison, which compared the 1976 Standard Atmosphere troposphere with Venus as measured on October 5, 1991, I emphasized that the truth is not an unstable “climate”, subject to runaway global warming, but the Standard Atmosphere as the STABLE equilibrium state of Earth’s troposphere — and I made fun of the alarmists in a few comments here and elsewhere, by pointing out that the surface temperature in the Standard Atmosphere, 15°C, was HIGHER than that given by the alarmists even after a century of supposed warming. Obviously, the powers that be didn’t like such a trenchant criticism. They have basically closed the ring now, because they set aside the Standard Atmosphere two generations ago, and now they find they have to officially deny it if they don’t want to be embarrassed by it — or maybe, be not mentioning it at all, they hope to keep anyone from going to my seminal little analysis, which is the definitive correction to climate science, and will have to be faced before climate science can progress one whit. Despite their maneuvering (characteristic of the Insane Left now, also), the Standard Atmosphere compares precisely with Venus, as the above link shows — and has shown all along, for the past two years, though everyone ignores or dismisses it without any proper scientific consideration or judgment at all.

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