Why Doha?

They should have held the global warming negotiations in Alaska, so they could all see the horrors of global warming for themselves – at the canary in the coal mine.

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6 Responses to Why Doha?

  1. Andy OZ says:

    “Oil and Gas have made Qatar one of the fastest growing economies in the world” – Qatar website.
    The UNFCCC are as hypocritical as Japanese Whalers! And Qatar bought the World Cup 2018 from that other organisation with pristine ethics, FIFA. How much money changed hands for the Doha Climate Conference?

    The “scientists” attending are on the national radio news today here in Oz saying “2012 is the hottest year ever.” What? Australia had one of it’s coldest years on record with snow falling in Adelaide for the second time in it’s 160 year history. Then they say, “ooo the arctic sea ice hit an all time low!!” (since history began in 1979) conveniently forgetting the Antarctic hit an all time sea ice record high in the same month. How many magic mushrooms did these guys take when they studied crap courses at Uni?

    Doha- sunny and warm. Alaska – little bit too cold and dark.
    “Climate Scientists” need Vitamin D more than functioning brain cells. Morons.

    PS We are experiencing a massive winterlike storm in Australia this week. In November!!!! Could the UNFCCC just check that the tilt in the earth axis hasn’t flipped 180 degrees?

    • Andy OZ says:

      Follow up down here in Oz. Perth has broken the 120 year record for the lowest November maximum temperature for two days running with 19 degrees. And we are supposed to be starting summer this weekend!!! Record cold weather caused by climate change!! Just to show we are a land of droughts and flooding rains, Victoria in east Oz broke it’s record November maximum temp today too, hitting 45.7 degrees.
      Guess which one will get the MSM frothing about AGW?

    • ralphcramdo says:

      See!!! The carbon tax is working!

    • rw says:

      It must be all that open Arctic Ocean – in September (the magic month for climate change). Evidently, the circumpolar airflow was shifted even further south than they realized.

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