Demonizing Whistleblowers

SOP in the Soviet Union was to marginalize, demonize and attempt to silence whistleblowers.

This strategy is frequently adopted by people pushing a dishonest agenda, because an honest debate would send them to career ruin and destitution. Truth always finds a way, and eventually the scum behind the climate scam will get what they deserve.

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3 Responses to Demonizing Whistleblowers

  1. Bruce says:

    No, no, Steve, you have not attempted to think like a Democrat. The phrase you want is:

    Insider Threat Policy

    Mr Orwell would have soooo much more material to work with if he was alive today.

  2. nigelf says:

    I want to see them jailed after a criminal trial and while they’re sitting in a cell I want to see them bankrupted through civil courts. This is far worse than anything Bernie Madoff did and vastly more expensive.

  3. Rosco says:

    No matter what eventuates the individuals that have attempted to prevent any debate over climate “science” deserve absolute condemnation.

    When trying to influence governments into making decisions which could cause mass misery – especially to the poor – the very minimum that is required is a robust debate and consideration of all evidence.

    To simply claim the “science is settled”, to rely on unreliable data, and to denigrate those who may have a different point of view is tantamount to reviving the “Third Reich”.

    Of course, climate scientists would never support book burnings – one of the favorite pastimes of zealots – principally because of CO2 emissions naturally – but digital suppression is easily achieved – witness the disappearance of outlandish scare mongering web pages when they become more of an embarassment than any value.

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