Missed By Six Orders Of Magnitude

The Pakistani official who claimed that Greenland melted in four days, missed by a factor of one million.

At current melt rates, the Greenland ice sheet would take about 13,000 years to melt completely, which would result in a global sea-level rise of more than 21 feet (6.5 meters).

New science upsets calculations on sea level rise, climate change • The Register

Typical for government work.

h/t to Dave G

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9 Responses to Missed By Six Orders Of Magnitude

  1. dsc says:

    engineers versus global warming scientist; engineers know the difference between interpolate and extrapolate.

    interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points.
    extrapolation is the process of estimating, beyond the original observation interval, the value of a variable on the basis of its relationship with another variable. It is similar to interpolation, which produces estimates between known observations, but extrapolation is subject to greater uncertainty and a higher risk of producing meaningless results.

    To extrapolate 13,000 years is ludicrous.

  2. kbray in california says:

    This must be that New Sharia Science promoted by our president and NASA.

  3. Sundance says:

    1Gt of ice melt = 2.78 microns of sea level rise. AW has a new piece on how corrections for GRACE Greenland data had to be made and now it looks like only 200Gt/yr. loss has occurred since 2003. The latest corrections for GRACE Antarctic data yield a gain of 49Gt/yr of ice mass balance (Gore effect?) . Therefore total Polar loss is 151Gt net x 2.78 microns = 419.78 microns or .41978 mm/yr. of sea level rise contribution. At that rate it will only take 7146 years for sea level to rise 1 meter and drown Tuvalu. We better send money right away!!!!! 😉

  4. David says:

    Sundance, do you have a link to that?

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