Who Are The Deniers?

I can only speak for myself, but I am not any of the things deniers are claimed to be.

  1. I have no financial interest in fossil fuels or any other form of energy.
  2. I have no direct financial interest in fighting the global warming scam, other than a general interest in a healthy economy with low prices and taxes.
  3. I don’t like cars – I do 90+% of my travelling time on a bicycle and would be thrilled to see fewer cars on the road.
  4. I don’t like or belong to any organized religion.
  5. I always eat vegan if I have choice.
  6. I spent much of my life as an active environmentalist and have worked as a wilderness ranger.
  7. I think that wasting natural resources is a crime.
  8. I have science and engineering degrees and have worked as a scientist/engineer for nearly 40 years.

So why do I do this? After three decades of buying into this scam, I finally looked at the data for myself. Then I realized that the scientific foundations are extremely shaky at best, and that the people behind this are a collection of criminals, socialists, power grabbers, useful idiots, and other general scumbags.

I do this because these people are destroying science and integrity with their lies.  I do this, because I am blowing the whistle.

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32 Responses to Who Are The Deniers?

  1. Dave N says:

    To follow your lead:

    1 & 2: Same here
    3: Same with the exception that I plan to have my bike back on the road soon
    4: Same
    5: I’m an omnivore
    6: I’ve done neither 🙂
    7: Same here
    8: I’m a software engineer with no paper qualifications in the field, however I can run rings around many graduates I’ve come across. Alarmist “scientists” are proof that you can be stupid even if you have a degree.

  2. omnologos says:

    Pardon the shameless plug but the COP in COP18 is not the usual COP, but a different (and secret) cop

    As for the whoamI…

    1. Same
    2. Same
    3. I like cars but don’t care if they are pushed by oil or air or water or zero-point energy
    4. I’m Christian but I presume many “christians” wouldn’t accept me as such
    5. Same
    6. Oops..but I do try to leave no rubbish 🙂
    7. Same
    8. Same apart from replacing “40” with “20”

    I do this because I value freedom.

  3. Eric Barnes says:

    Kudos to you for your efforts SG!
    A pox on the warmists for theirs.

  4. You’re still a denier of Gaia.

  5. leftinbrooklyn says:

    I’m a realist. It would be impossible for me to not do this.

  6. RoHa says:

    I’m sure all those things are true, but – alas – you have been led astray. The evil corporations have used their vast wealth and fiendish cunning to take advantage of your youth and innocence. They have brainwashed you into denial, so that now you simply parrot their lies and believe they are your own ideas.

    But you can resist! Throw off their false “science”, reject their blandishments, and come to the True Faith. Do it now!

  7. NoMoreGore says:

    I enjoy cycling.

    But I love cars too…. with big V8’s. So, filler’up with Premium, baby!
    I don’t get money from Big Oil, but I wish I did. Exxon, Call me!
    I love veggies….. with my steak. I’m an equal opportunity eater.
    I love all environments. Those with high and low levels of entropy.

  8. johnmcguire says:

    I’ve noticed a common theme among deniers , most deniers seem to have a very well developed sense of humor . We are the type of people who look to laugh , even if it is at ourselves . The agw crowd seems for the most part to be haters going through life with a chip on their shoulder . As for the list , I’m some what like you only I’m sure I’m better looking . 🙂

    • They are not very bright, that’s for sure. Not one of them has ever grabbed the data Steve has pulled and did their own analysis and come back with an objection. This Excel thingy would be way over their heads I presume.

  9. DrFurst Dunaharm says:

    I’m quite the greenie. Planted grass in my yard that would thrive in the warmer AGW world. We all take showers in the AM and then turn the furnace off so as not to waste heating oil. I ride a 250cc dirtbike as a commuter cause it gets 70 mpg. I don’t vote republican. Yes, I’m in favor of legalizing pot AND taxing the hell out of it.

    And then I actually looked at the data.

    No way, no how could such an innocuous gas as CO2 (the most modest portion of GG’s which also constitute by far the smallest input) be driving the climate on a planet with other such robust, unimaginably powerful driving forces in place.

    Looks like we’re a pretty eclectic group with about one thing in common. We don’t like being lied to.

  10. Mike says:

    Big Green are pocketing billions every year through fraudulent science, that is why they use extremist language like denier, these guys are scam artists scared off ordinary honest folk derailing their slimy green gravy train.

  11. DocTor says:

    Problem is that they still rule..

  12. TeaPartyGeezer says:

    Excellent article …. wonderful comments. I love this website!

    I accidentally ended up on Media Matters, early this morning, and the ignorance and vitriol was incredible. It was an article sliming the evil Deniers. I tried to hold my own, but … well, by 8pm, they had locked me out. What an awful experience. Steve Goddard’s intelligence and sense of humor is such a breath of fresh air after that. Thank you so much.

  13. Otter says:

    But you DO have a financial stake in fossil fuels!

    … it arrives in the form of a heating or electric bill, once a month (or quarterly, if you pay that way).

  14. Mike says:

    Green collar crime now surpasses white collar crime. There is a hockey stick that proves it!

  15. hannuko says:

    1, 2, 3 & 4: Same here
    5: I believe vegan style monocrop agriculture is much worse for the environment than organic meat production. I also don’t like B-12 deficiency.
    6: Can’t say I have.
    7: Likewise. Wasting resources is a crime, but it is even worse wasting them fighting imaginary perils without checking whether what you are doing is helping or just making things worse. The cry: “But lets try to do at least something!” always makes my blood boil.
    8: MSc in computer sciences. Worked as an engineer for 12 years.

    I am an idealist. I believe that if everyone would just know all the facts, they would inevitably come to the right conclusion. All but the most fanatical believers in socialism or the Green Religion. Every time someone presents false information as facts, I think I have the moral oblication to correct them. I wouldn’t like to believe something is true what isn’t, so why would anybody else?

    As I have been a very active commenter on CAGW related news over the years in Finnish news sites I like to believe I have calmed many peoples fears and made them see how they are being manipulated by presenting small carefully selected pieces of information to present a case that just is true. At least the comments section on most news sites look a lot different than they did seven years ago when I started. Nowadays skeptical comments are drowning out the alarmists.

    ..which is propably one reason why they are shutting comment sections down and restricting commenting on all news sites in Finland. But the damage has been done. Ha!

  16. papiertigre says:

    I’m only here because I noticed an extra red spot on Jupiter one night back in 2006.
    My gears were turning. The thought was, “Did I discover this by some miracle?”

    The answer was no. So why wasn’t a major climate changing event, viewable with a small to middlin backyard telescope, not given wide news coverage, in this day when the global warming is being sold so comprehensively?

    The only answer to that I could come up with is that the powers that be are trying to fraud us.

    And so they were, in a thousand and ten ways that hadn’t occurred to me.

  17. gator69 says:

    I love cars and love driving, I have a 1969 Buick GS 400 convertible that is from another, better America.
    I do not belong to any church or denomination, I try to follow Christ’s example.
    I grow my own veggies and eat meat as God intended..
    I have always been an environmentalist, I had EPA stickers on my lunchbox back in the seventies, and helped clean up America’s first National Scenic Riverway. I have set aside acreage for wildlife and am working to reestablish native flora and fauna.
    Waste of any resource, including time, is wrong.
    I have a science degree and spent almost eight years fine tuning it. And because I am fascinated by the Earth sciences, I do this instead of watching sports or TV.

    I hate tyrants and liars.

  18. Brad says:

    I’m not a scientist. I have an unrelated college degree. I ride a bike only for exercise not for transportation. (I have a CAAD 8) I sometimes kill the meat I eat and try to adhere to a Paleo lifestyle as it relates to food. I love the outdoors and the environment. Many years ago I was told I was stupid for not believing in the appeal to authority that we are doomed and we are dooming ourselves. I started reading the opposing views to the theory of CAGW and it made more sense than Al Gore.

  19. Dalcio Dacol says:

    I am also a denier but have not made any contributions as Steve and others have. Thank you for your efforts in this blog.
    Regarding the denier characteristics:
    1) Whatever financial interests I may have are in mutual funds and ETFs where my IRA is invested. I don’t know the details as I invest in index funds and index ETFs.
    2) Same here, however I also resent the fact that some proposed solutions such wind and solar power are more expensive, much less efficient and wasteful of natural resources when compared with carbon-based energy production. In particular I am angry about the ravaging of open spaces and the massive bird and bat kills carried out by wind power installations.
    3) I am utilitarian about cars, I think they simplify life.
    4) I have been an atheist since high school.
    5) I have been a vegetarian since 1993.
    6) I am concerned about the environment, concerned about real pollution, about fresh water sources, about preserving natural habitat for wildlife and preserving biodiversity in general.
    7) Amen.
    8) I have a PhD degree in physics (Phys. Dept. U. Cal. -Berkeley – 1980), have worked all my life as a research physicist, published my first paper in a refereed physics journal in 1974.
    Like you when I started looking at the data and papers myself, first trying to verify assertions made by others in the press, pro and con regarding AGW, I had the same realization about the shoddiness of the scientific research behind it and the ad hoc manipulation of observational data that goes along with it. For me this was a difficult transition as I lean liberal/progressive in my political orientation while most people that share my views on AGW seem to lean libertarian or conservative.

  20. Ditto on items 1, 2, love cars though (but drive a little high MPG on only on weekends, don’t need to drive otherwise), rarely attend the church organization I belong to, meat eater, am a tree hugger & sapling grower, ditto on hating waste of natural resources, but ultimately am no more than a semi-retired graphic artist without a lick of science expertise.

    I do what I do (click on my name above) because I checked out the reason why I was supposed to ignore “corrupt” skeptic climate scientists….. and discovered the ENTIRE accusation appears to be baseless from the start and originates from a highly questionable small group of enviro-activists circa late 1995, with roots of it all coming from Al Gore’s ’91-2 Senate office. Call me a whistle blower on that narrow facet.

  21. oeman50 says:

    I am a chemical engineer who works in the environmental area, including CO2 capture technology. When people talk bad about Algore, I say, “Shut your mouth! Algore got me this job!” Seriously, I do. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a horse’s pitute.

    Working in this area lead me to read the skeptic blogs because I was looking for the truth. So rather than taking money from oil and gas and coal, my livelihood depends on understanding how to decrease emissions. So it is against my own self interest to be a skeptic, but I have spend my entire career in science and I can’t deny that now.

    Continue blowing your whistle, Steve!

  22. Love the countryside and all wildlife, believe that conservation is in general a good thing therefore hate wind turbines. Abhor politics dressed up as science. That makes me an evil denier hell-bent on destroying the world and mankind with it, or so I’m told.

  23. Andy OZ says:

    1: Don’t make any money from big oil or coal.
    2: Don’t make any money from calling AGW alarmists a bunch of wankers and chicken littles.
    3: No problems with cars, just with crazy drivers.
    4: Dropped out of religion at 15 and have been happy ever since. Luckily escaped the paedophiles while I was at christian school.
    5: I’m an omnivore partly because organically farmed meat is just vegies in another form.
    6: Love the bush and the natural environment uncluttered by wind turbines
    7: Same here and not cleaning up after using natural resources is also a crime
    8: I have geological science and engineering degrees and have used them for 30 years. Guess that means I can count for the brainless AGW twats who want everything peer reviewed!

    For years I fell for the AGW story hook line and sinker, until I read Michael Crichton’s book, the State of Fear and saw some Aussie long term temp charts showing no warming trends. That challenged my thinking. Then I looked into the Australian temperature data and found the same for myself. Now I see the Australian temp data has recently been adjusted by a bunch of AGW evangelists who need to justify the biggest tax and grant scam in Australian history.

    So my cynicism knows no bounds when the alarmists try force feeding this crap to everyone.
    Especially on Aussie news websites where totalitarian socialists like to congregate.

    Science has given the world many wonderful things, but recently, a bunch of politicians have derailed a vast section of it down a dead end street. Steven is just blowing a whistle to wake the stupid bastards up. Apologies for the rant. Won’t do it again.

  24. Craig Loehle says:

    I am a research scientist with 140 peer-reviewed publications plus another 100 technical reports/commentaries in forestry, ecology, modeling, statistics, etc. Long before I got involved in climate change issues one of the key ways I decided on a topic to work on was when either big experts disagreed on something, or I read a paper that did not make sense. Nonsense gets my spidey-senses tingling (and irritates the heck out of me). In the climate change arena there is enough nonsense to put Monty Python and SNL out of business as too staid and lacking in imagination. I’ve read dozens of papers showing the peak warm period of the Holocene about 8,000 yrs ago to have been warmer than today by several degrees in higher latitudes, and yet it is claimed that a similar warming will end life on Earth. Likewise a miniscule level of sea level rise that is NOT accelerating is claimed to threaten us with drowning. It is like being surrounded by people with anxiety disorders.

  25. nzrobin says:

    What an interesting lot visit here. Here’s me:
    1. I work for New Zealand’s second largest power distribution company.
    2. I fight against this climate change scam because I have learnt that it is indeed a scam and scams should be stopped.
    3. I don’t mind cars and bikes. I have both. Just depends what the weather is like, what I have to carry and how far I have to go. I carpool to and from work.
    4. I’m a Christian, but I challenge quite a lot what I’m fed.
    5. I eat all my veggies (except parsnips) and meat.
    6. I consider myself a sensible environmentalist. Enjoyed Patrick Moore’s book of a similar title.
    7. I think waste is … well … wasteful. Especially when it is wasteful of my bank balance.
    8. I have an electrical engineering degree, 40 years service Feb 2013.
    Some of the books I’ve read. Ian Wishart’s Aircon, Michael Crichton’s ‘Sate of Fear’, Patrick Moore’s ‘Greenpeace Dropout’, Andrew Montford’s ‘Hockeystick Illusion’, Bob Carter’s ‘No Consensus’, Ian Plimer’s ‘Heaven and Earth’, Donna laFraboises’s ‘Deliquent Teenager’, Chris Booker’s ‘The Real Climate Catastrophe’ and Robert Zubrin’s ‘Merchants of Despair’. All great books.
    I love nature. The working process of a simple leaf amazes me. To know that all life on earth depends on leaves, converting CO2 back into food and oxygen through photosynthesis borders on magical. To think that some people believe that CO2 is a pollutant is unbelievable!

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