US Headed Over Fiscal Cliff – Obama Gives $7.5 Billion To Other Countries To Prevent Bad Weather

The United States has provided $7.5 billion in international climate aid over the past three years

U.S. climate aid reaches across globe – The Washington Post

Superstorm Sandy proves that Obama is raging moron.

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11 Responses to US Headed Over Fiscal Cliff – Obama Gives $7.5 Billion To Other Countries To Prevent Bad Weather

  1. Andy DC says:

    More money down the same rat hole. Yet people voted for another four years of this clown.

  2. I believe Obama is not so much a “raging” moron as he is a stunted soul — due to the corrupting influence, the literal rejection, of his own worthless parents as a child — with a raging ambition that can never be satisfied (because he needed to reject the evil his parents wrought upon him, particularly his father and that miscreant’s “dreams”, but chose instead to reject “white” society and his own white half; he cannot get away from his own white side, no matter how hard he tries to smash it by smashing white society). He has misdirected his early rage outward, on white society, and thinks by forcing “justice” upon it, he can win over his own inner demons. So he is probably running from himself, with his inveterate lying and destructive, tyrannous behavior, cloaked in empty sermons. And he is only a twisted servant — an Igor — to a greater darkness (to which the Insane Left has been suborned, in mass), that wants mankind to be at war with itself now (or to face its unquestioned, unsupported dogmas, and finally defeat them, rather than let itself be destroyed, by its own divisive hates). The test confronting mankind goes far beyond the limitations and corruptions of any individual, or any group.

  3. Seems like money well spent. He’s already nearly stopped the rising of the seas, and the temperatures are clearly declining. What’s a few $Billion among corrupt politicians and rent seekers?

  4. leftinbrooklyn says:

    He’s scratching their backs for his probable retirement overseas. He most likely won’t be able to enjoy it here.

  5. Strictly speaking, Obama most likely borrowed the money from private investors in those countries in order to give it back to their governments.

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