NASA : Climate Equals CO2

NASA says that increased CO2 is proof of climate change.

The logic goes as follows :

  1. We believe that CO2 causes climate change. 
  2. We know that CO2 is increasing.
  3. Therefore CO2 causes climate change, proving our assertion.
  4. The evidence for climate change is that CO2 is increasing. CO2 causes climate change, as we just proved.
  5. If you have the IQ of a turnip, you can get a job at NASA.

ScreenHunter_322 Dec. 04 18.55

ScreenHunter_321 Dec. 04 18.55

Climate Change: Evidence


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6 Responses to NASA : Climate Equals CO2

  1. gofer says:

    It’s the same reasoning as you can’t be broke because there’s still checks in the checkbook. The temp. has to be rising because the “checkbook” is full of CO2.

  2. higley7 says:

    It is absolutely dishonest to merge ice core data with Mauna Loa volcano data as shown in the dark blue graph above. Jaworowski, the leading expert in these ice cores, estimates that cores lose 30-50% of their CO2 during the trauma of extraction from depth. Back-calculating the CO2 of the ice cores, CO2 then was the same and often higher than now.

    These two data sets CANNOT BE LEGITIMATELY MERGED.

  3. Or CO2 responds to climate change. This cause/effect thing seems to be very confusing to certain climate scientists.

  4. Pathway says:

    But if you don’t merge the data you can create a hockey stick.

  5. Rosco says:

    I read part of a paper by Zbigniew Jaworowski.

    He claims the CO2 levels obtained from ice cores dramatically understate the actual levels of CO2 at the relevant times as increasing pressure squeezes the CO2 out and lets not forget that total melt a few months ago in Greenland – I bet a lot of CO2 outgassed then.

    Anyway he reckons you cannot reliably say CO2 was at any level based on ice cores.

    He doesn’t “deny” the trends in levels just the absolute estimation.

  6. GeologyJim says:

    Those sawtooth graphs of time vs T and CO2 are “teachable moment” demonstrations that CO2 cannot be important in any way.

    First, T changes direction before CO2 changes (that old cause/effect thingie)

    Second, T always starts to decline when CO2 is at its highest concentration; also, T always starts to rise when CO2 is at its lowest concentration.

    This is not “rocket science”, which explains why NASA has no frikken clue about it.

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