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Greenland Gaining Ice Mass

Every once in a while, some actual science occurs in the climate community. Ice core data are combined with RACMO2 regional climate model (RCM) output (1958-2010) to develop a reconstruction of the Greenland ice sheet net snow accumulation rate (Ât(G)) … Continue reading

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Global Warming Causes Cannibalism

Two fishermen lost in Siberia are suspected of killing and eating their friend in order to survive, it was claimed last night. A fourth man is also missing, leading to fears that he, too, was murdered and cannibalised. Alexander Abdullaev, … Continue reading

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UN : Rich People Control The Weather

Obama has been telling us that rich people are evil and must be heavily taxed. The Senate Majority Leader says that Mitt Romney doesn’t pay any taxes. The UN now confirms that rich people are evil, and that they control … Continue reading

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Climate Change Affecting Ice Sculpture In Alaska

December 4, 2012 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA — Frigid cold in Interior Alaska is taking a toll on North Pole’s Christmas in Ice event. Temperatures of 40 below zero are hampering artists trying to craft their ice masterpieces. They are having to deal … Continue reading

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Hiding The Decline In Louisiana

NCDC has turned a cooling trend in Louisiana into a warming trend, through the magic of cooling the past and warming the present.

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Egyptians Thank Obama For The Arab Spring

Egyptians Hit by Dawning Realization that Obama’s on the DICTATOR’s Side- Not Theirs/Democracy h/t to Dave G

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Raising Arizona

NCDC tells us that Arizona has warmed three degrees since 1950. They accomplished this by adjusting the data upwards and by adding new stations. The blink comparator above switches between NCDC Arizona temperatures and GHCN HCN Arizona temperatures for all … Continue reading

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