UN Experts : Skiing Doomed!

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On the rocks: the grim forecast for winter sports as global warming increases | World news | The Guardian

More from the experts

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97% of climate experts agree that they should get more funding no matter how incompetent they are.


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9 Responses to UN Experts : Skiing Doomed!

  1. Otter says:

    Steve, I won’t be surprised if they begin saying they knew all along that a major downturn in temperatures was coming, it fit the models, and CO2 is to blame.

  2. Otter says:

    I should have added, that the downturn they would have ‘predicted,’ will be forecast to last at least 30 years.

  3. gator69 says:

    Sadly, the lunacy is highly infectious…

    “LAKEWOOD, Colo. – September 13, 2012 – The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) today
    released its 12th Sustainable Slopes Annual Report detailing the ski industry’s progress in
    implementing the principles of its Environmental Charter during the 2011/12 season. Among the
    highlights, NSAA member ski areas sent three important energy and climate change advocacy
    letters to congress this year. In March, 81 ski areas endorsed Senator Jeff Bingaman’s Clean
    Energy Standard Legislation, S. 2146. In June, 89 ski areas sent a comment letter in support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Power Plant Carbon Emissions Standard. In July, 99 ski areas sent a letter of support to the senate leadership urging the extension of the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit.”

    Is it the altitude, or the attitude?

  4. It puzzles me that this sort of thing is the sort of scare they would bother writing about… Is CAGW a global catastrophe or not? If it is, should we really be focusing on the impact on the ski industry, which is basically a recreational luxury for a minority of middle and upper class citizens?

  5. Billy Liar says:

    In the French Alps at Courchevel there is already 157cm (at 2700m) of snow with a further 49cm forecast for tomorrow. This is already twice as much as the figures for 2008/2009/2010 and by tomorrow will be twice as much as 2011 and approaching the peak snow accumulation of January 2012.


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