Warm Temperatures Halt Play At The Greenland Open

Temperatures on the rapidly melting Greenland ice sheet have risen to -35C, and the ice is too soft for good putting.

ScreenHunter_330 Dec. 07 08.53


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4 Responses to Warm Temperatures Halt Play At The Greenland Open

  1. BobW in NC says:

    Off topic but an FYI about what may come—obviously, scrap if you can not use:

    Excerpts from: http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/06/googles-schmidt-would-bring-climate-activism-to-obama-admin/

    Google’s Schmidt would bring climate activism to Obama admin
    9:56 AM 12/06/2012

    “Google CEO and reported Obama Cabinet prospect Eric Schmidt is also a climate-change activist [involved with the National Resources Defense Council] that has advocated for the complete termination of the oil, natural gas, and coal industries, records reveal, and once predicted that Washington, D.C. will soon be completely underwater. His past statements may shed some light on what to expect from his possible future in the Obama administration.

    “Schmidt is a leading candidate to join President Obama’s Cabinet in Obama’s second term, the Washington Examiner reported this week. Schmidt is reportedly being considered for either the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Commerce, or Secretary of Business positions…

    “Schmidt proposed replacing the U.S. natural gas and coal industries in their entirety and replacing them with green energy alternatives…

  2. Too soft for putting, but evidently just right for a nice toasty bonfire!

  3. Streetcred says:

    I’ve got this wild ‘screwing’ the ball back on the greens from my approaches shots, my putt was so long on the 18th that they had to light a flare.

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