Hansen “Is Not A Flake” – Predicts Five Metres Of Sea Level Rise

SFU geology professor John Clague, who studies the effect of the rising sea on the B.C. coast, says a rise of about one metre is more likely.

“One of the most famous atmospheric scientists, James Hansen, is arguing we could be facing five-metre higher sea levels by the end of the century, and he’s not a flake, he’s a very renowned scientist,” said Clague.

Sea level rise underestimated, say B.C. scientists – British Columbia – CBC News

There has been no change in sea level along the B.C. coast for the past 100 years. Neither Hansen nor Clague have the slightest clue what they are talking about.

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ScreenHunter_331 Dec. 08 21.33

Data and Station Information for VANCOUVER


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14 Responses to Hansen “Is Not A Flake” – Predicts Five Metres Of Sea Level Rise

  1. lance says:

    Remeber,…your talking about the CBC and Home of Suzuki…nuf said….

  2. garymount says:

    In todays The Vancouver Sun (December 8) you will find the claim that we could see 1.2 meter rise in only 20 years.

  3. spangled drongo says:

    We have had similar with about 2 inches of SLR on the east coast of Australia in the last 100 years. None this century. In fact king tides now, in my NOTW, are visibly lower than they were 66 years ago.

    What is it about people that will allow them to believe hysterical predictions when they know them to be false? I recently asked a fellow who lived next door to a house I lived in 66 y ago whether the king tides still came over the lawn. He replied, “it’s interesting you should say that because when I bought the place 40 y ago, they did, but they don’t now. I had forgotten.”

    • miked1947 says:

      Australia is “Capsizing”. They need to move people from the other side of the continent or you will soon be higher than the Himalayas on the east side, before the whole of Australia slides under the waves. 😉

  4. tckev says:

    Hahahaha. Hansen the readjuster of homogenized data, can’t even put the decimal point in the right place. The metric system of measurement must have confused his geriatric mind.
    5mm might have sounded reasonable but 5 meters is the ravings of a half-wit.
    NASA’s village idiot strikes again.

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    So one flake can’t recognise another. What’s new?

  6. NikFromNYC says:

    2012: “This is Biblical.”

  7. gator69 says:

    “…and he’s not a flake..”

    He’s a fraud!

  8. ozspeaksup says:

    isnt there a retirement age at nasa? surely he must be near or over?
    love to run a senility test on him.

  9. chris y says:

    The flakery is worse than we thought.

    Satellite altimetry data shows sea level dropping 0.4 mm/year near Simon Fraser University since 1993.

    It is highly likely that excess burning of Satan’s cobbles has loaded the atmosphere with so much carbon pollution, the extra weight is compressing the oceans near Vancouver…

  10. Diana says:

    I live on an island off Vancouver Island. Travel by ferry. Unless there is a storm surge our ferry landing markers have not shown any increase in sea level rise in the 20+ years I’ve lived here. Geologically speaking, irrelevant, I know. We just need to remember Suzuki is a geneticist, not all BC’ers bow to him.

  11. Andy DC says:

    You need warming in order to get significant sea level rise. The last 80 years, there has been virtually no warming (with no adjustments to the data).

  12. Billy Liar says:

    SFU geology professor John Clague, who studies the effect of the rising sea on the B.C. coast

    If your job is to study the effect of the rising sea on the BC coast you’re not going to go around saying sea level isn’t rising, are you?

    This guy has confirmation bias built in to his job description. How neat is that?!

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