1976 Global Cooling Wrecked The Ski Industry And Caused A Massive Pine Beetle Outbreak

In 1976, the press was worried about global cooling, lack of snow and pine beetles. Now they blame those things on global warming.

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6 Responses to 1976 Global Cooling Wrecked The Ski Industry And Caused A Massive Pine Beetle Outbreak

  1. Dave N says:

    So.. Did all the lodgepole pines die by 1986?

    Re the first headline: expect similar headlines in a few years. They’ll probably blame the “imminent ice age” on fossil fuels this time.

  2. Steve Steve Steve… junk science has progressed enormously since that time…

  3. gator69 says:

    There is a road near my property called “Ski Lift Rd”, and not a lift in sight. “Scientists” had convinced a couple of investors that global cooling was here to stay, so the investors built a road to nowhere and lost their arses.

  4. paddikJ says:

    1976 was the year I moved to Boulder to pusue a Masters. It was already damn cold by Christmas break. I went home to N.W. Michigan for Christmas and worked double shifts at a local ski resort. I stashed most of my earnings to get me through the winter term, but I did splurge on a deluxe “expedition grade” down coat with a heavy cordura shell (which I still have) and was very glad of it because that winter, and several following, were bitter (although the following winter started warm – I went back to MI that Christmas break as well, partly on my thumb, and spent a miserable night in northern Indiana on a concrete “shoulder” right under an overpass, to get out of a freezing drizzle. Didn’t sleep very well with all the semi’s thundering by six feet overhead).

    Boulder was ground-zero for the Global Cooling scare stories of the mid-70s; I well remember the regular pronouncements in the local papers by Steven Schneider, then at NCAR – same as it ever was. I also remember the lack of snow, and the ski resorts singing the blues, but I didn’t pay that much attention since skiing isn’t part of a poor grad student’s world.

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