The Cost Of Fossil Fuels

I just rode my bicycle home from the store in 10F (-12C) weather and an 8MPH head wind. The wind chill was well below zero. My glasses were fogging up so I had to take them off.

Ice crystals were forming on my eyeballs, so I had to keep blinking to minimize the amount of ice accumulation. After three miles of riding I made it home to my nice fossil fuel heated home, my fossil fuel driven projection TV (showing the Liverpool/ West Ham match) and my fossil fuel driven computer.

I was fascinated to see David Appell commenting about the “cost of fossil fuels” – without which our society would completely collapse and billions of people would die over the next three months.

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9 Responses to The Cost Of Fossil Fuels

  1. The “environmental economist” Nordhaus in one of his papers claims that a hypothetical berry farm should be compensated for lower production output caused by fossil fuel damage. Presumably, compensation could be the form of a carbon tax imposed on the fossil fuel industry. This would increase costs for the fossil fuel industry, which would of course be passed onto the consumer, i.e., the berry farm, in the form of higher fuel bills…

    • paddikJ says:

      No, the berry farmers would be tax exempt, and the shortfall would be covered by the Evil Koch Brothers and the other 1 per-centers. It’s all good.

  2. sunsettommy says:

    Without the USE of Fossil Fuels there would be few berries grown to meet the demand but that is too much thinking for warmost morons to contemplate.

    • The Berry Farm could hypothetically switch to wind power, solar panels and truck in its goods and export its goods using electric battery powered vehicles. Unfortunately, since it would also be a real world small business rather than an academic theoretical entity, it would of course be immediately bankrupted…

      • Me says:

        It;s a concept they don’t understan yet because their minds are on something else. But when reality hits them they will look puzzeled and wonder whats going on? Me salad cost too much, I’m hungry all the time. No offence Steven, you already know.

  3. Me says:

    Yep Pretty much! 😆

  4. Marco says:

    We must get rid of fossil fuels, without which we would all die…
    so that we can get rid of CO2, without which we would all die…

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    yeh but no-one with an IQ above 0 would be taking any notice of a rotten appel, oh sorry apple.

  6. Justa Joe says:

    Appell and company are dreaming of a payday greater that the payday his pals got when they busted out the tobacco industry. If one settlement of many settlements garnered from the tobacco industry was $206 billion can you imagine how much money they plan on taking from the fossil fuel industr(ies)? Enough to finance many a Democrat campaign. That’s for sure. I find it amusing that these guys go around dreaming up “external” costs for fossil fuels when the “external” benefits are basicall incalcuable since modern society couldn’t exist without them.

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