They Predicted That There Would Be Hurricanes, Floods And Droughts

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Every year Earth experiences hurricanes, floods and droughts – just as climate change experts predicted. This proves that man-made CO2 is leading the world to Armageddon.

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The Rock Hill Herald – Google News Archive Search

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9 Responses to They Predicted That There Would Be Hurricanes, Floods And Droughts

  1. gator69 says:

    Noone listened? This guy is truly out to lunch! How many billions of dollars have we spent on this crap? How many regulations and taxes have come out of this lie?

    What an uber schmuck!

    • Dave N says:

      McKibben is an uber-alarmist. Saying that governments are working to rectify the problem doesn’t sound as scary as “no-one listened”.

      On the other hand, he could have said “governments are spending uber billions and taxing the crap out of you in a futile attempt to combat ‘climate change'”. Now that’s scary, and worse: it’s true.

  2. Lance says:

    Years ago, my family asked me about some weather events, since I had a weather background.
    So, after much consideration, I gave them my forecast:
    Tonight dark
    Tomorrow Light
    Temperatures are expected.

    Boy did i nail it!!!

  3. Ivan says:

    Has there ever been a time in history when someone wasn’t predicting weather catastrophe?
    October 1889:

    Mr. Charles Egeson, Meteorologist of the Sydney Observatory, who has for some time past been highly successful in forecasting weather changes, reports that the evidence that we are on the eve of a most inauspicious climatic change is to him overwhelming, and he predicts the recurrence of the terrible three years’ drought of 1827-29.”

  4. Andy OZ says:

    It’s weird yeah?

    If I wear a sign that says “The end of the world is coming” and walk around I’m considered a kook.
    If I do a powerpoint with a few photos of melting glaciers and penguins on small icebergs, and say “The end of the world is coming”, the governments will shower me with research money and tax the crap out of everyone!!

    “We are through the looking glass people!”

  5. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Hey Bill, did they nail the melting street lights? Or was that worse than they thought…

  6. Justa Joe says:

    The fact that there will always be Hurricanes, Floods And Droughts is pretty much taken as a given.

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