How Good People Turn Into Scumbags

  • 1998. We are saving the planet from global warming
  • 2005. Global warming isn’t happening – but it will later. We must fudge the truth to keep the momentum going
  • 2012. It just isn’t happening, but we have lost our integrity from incessantly lying over the last decade, and now it is all about protecting ourselves. Screw the rest of the world.

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11 Responses to How Good People Turn Into Scumbags

  1. There are two ways you can go from here. Get more shrill (McKibben) or start covering your arse (Santer).

  2. margaret berger says:

    now it is about protecting ourselves and our cushy way of life fixed

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Now its: “The boss is coming! Look busy!’

  4. Now it’s “We believe our side [ the Insane Left] just won a mandate to do all the things we want, and of course we control most of the mainstream media, so we are invincible!”, and “Never let a consensus you need — even a patently false and incompetent one — go to waste. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!”

  5. Justa Joe says:

    Some of these guys never were never good people. Some are just crass profiteers, and some are just basically hard core leftist power seekers.

  6. TonyO says:

    Good people don’t turn into scumbags – it’s just that scumbags need/make the opportunity to shine.
    Goodness, like scumminess, goes deep to the bone.

  7. A lot of these people are “blind” and follow like the lemmings.
    Of course they protect their ground to the bitter end, as they won’t “wake up”.
    Their are a lot of examples in history and it doesn’t matter what they believe is or was.
    Look at the people that believe the world will end this year (and the many times before that).
    If it sounds plausible from someones point of view then there will be no question asked.

    Do you know about the “The Third Wave”

    My grand father nearly ended in the concentration camp (WWII) because of his opinion,but the end of the war saved him. My father voiced his opinion against the communist system in East Germany and was fro 6 month in a work camp. We left as political asylum seeker East Germany. I’ve learned to question. The AGW believer have a tendency that is not good. Luckily,, mother nature is not on their side and it’s only a matter of years.

  8. Ivan says:

    How Good People Turn Into Scumbags
    You have proof that they were “good people” to being with?

  9. Glacierman says:

    I think there is an underlying desire to change our economic and governmental systems that drives these people and anything that advances that is automatically promoted. You see it in the media, academia, and government as a never ending drum beat to the left. They are driven by their religion to shape the world as they think it should be. I do not think these were ever good people, and definately not good scientists.

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