Australian Gun Ban Led To Massive Crime Increase

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“Since the gun ban, criminals are not afraid to break into houses”


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49 Responses to Australian Gun Ban Led To Massive Crime Increase

  1. savebyj says:

    Thank God for the NRA. It’s still considered political suicide to try to ban guns. Here is to hoping that doesn’t change.

  2. Robertvdl says:

    Meanwhile an elementary school in Israel

  3. John B., M.D. says:

    The gun ban didn’t work here in Chicago either.

  4. nigelf says:

    Gun bans don’t work anywhere. Taking guns out of the hands of responsible adults isn’t the answer…putting guns in more of those responsible hands is.

  5. scizzorbill says:

    Always liked this Aussie video. Wonder where Steve’s guns are now.

  6. sabretoothed says:

    If guns are so bad, why doesn’t the government give them up first?

  7. Trip says:

    Clackamas Town Center shooter confronted by CCW holder. News footage at 1:06 in the video.

  8. RestlessKnights says:

    I’d like to see the study supporting these figures. This looks like propaganda from the gun lobby.

    • Your post looks like propaganda from the anti-gun lobby.

    • TonyO of Aust says:

      RestlessKnights – I would say those are government supplied figures because they seem to be way too low.
      Before the gun ban, home invasions were a rarity in this country – now commonllace.
      We do, however, have socialist governments who lie about problems they cause.
      Crime by Moslems and black African refugees tends to be hidden away.

    • Andy OZ says:

      There is no doubt that home invasions have increased dramatically here in Australia. They’re on the news almost every night, and the cowardly criminals often pick on the very elderly. Currently there is also a massive turf war between various drug syndicates with lots of shootings. The cops are also racking up increasing incidents of shooting unarmed people dead, or tasering them to death, without any charges for unlawful killings. Armed robbery (majority will be without guns) are definitely up significantly as the half million serious drug addicts need to steal money.

      We haven’t had a gun massacre here since Port Arthur, but then we’d only had about 3 or 4 incidents since World War 2, (Queen St, Hoddle Street, Port Arthur), so to say the new gun ownership laws stopped new incidents is at best partially right. Yes it’s harder to get guns, but there are plenty of psychopaths out there. Just the other day one psycho bashed a PSO with a hammer and took his automatic weapon. Luckily he just shot himself dead and didn’t go on a rampage and kill a dozen people.

      I think mourning those poor kids and teachers is much more important than launching a political campaign and it strikes me the lack of empathy many people have, particularly those wanting to get their 15 minutes of fame on TV.

      • Andy OZ says:

        Homicides stats in Australia

        1960 – 40% with firearms
        1995 – 20% with firearms.
        1996 – 31% with firearms (Port Arthur Massacre of 35 people)
        1997 – 20% with firearms
        2011 – 14% with firearms

        Trend in both percentage and nominal rate of firearm homicides is down but has been since 1968 when it peaked at 44%. Down trend due to better gun licencing since 1970, also urbanisation of population, as well as not having a gun culture since Vietnam War.

        Yet the number of psychotics on streets is higher, whether caused by drug or mental problems.

  9. Streetcred says:

    I can attest to the gun situation out of ‘control’ here in Oz … the only people carrying guns are the criminals, especially the bikkie gangs, who aren’t afraid to use them. Police are incapable of protecting the public because they’re too busy bitching about rosters or doing out of hours ‘private’ police work on the side (party bouncers, construction works, road closures, etc.) for a quick buck.
    Mass murders are insane, normal people don’t do these things … insane people should be interned, not let loose on the streets.

  10. Streetcred says:

    Oh, forgot to add, that stabbings are now very popular !

  11. TonyO of Aust says:

    In Australia, I think home invasions up 21% seems a little low – maybe the cops only count the ones where someone gets killed or hospitalised.
    Home invasions were a rarity before the banning of guns – they are commonplace now – Hell – I’ve even got to enjoy one (cops got here 20 mins after scumbags left).

  12. Jake says:

    Those figures are totally fraudulent. Gun crime in Australia is going DOWN. Australia is WAY safer to live in than the USA.

  13. You are 15 (fifteen) times as likely to be shot or shot dead in America than in Australia. Since John Howard removed easy access to guns in Australia seventeen years ago, there has not been another gun-massacre like Port Arthur. In Australia Gun-Club members leave there guns in the Gun Club, where they belong..

    • TonyO of Aust says:

      ” In Australia Gun-Club members leave there guns in the Gun Club, where they belong.”
      Another non-Australian expert. Don’t talk crap. And leaving guns in a gun club would make it very easy for someone to steal a whole armoury in one go, wouldn’t it?
      “Gun massacres” like Port Arthur weren’t actually happening every week, you realise.

    • Streetcred says:

      You are more than a thousand times more likely to be shot in South Africa than in Australia.

      • Streetcred says:

        I don’t disagree with you Mr Goddard … it was to demonstrate the ridiculous “You are 15 (fifteen) times as likely to be shot or shot dead in America than in Australia.” I’d be interested to know what the comparable stats are for Israel.

      • halberst2013 says:

        Just curious, why do you want the stats for Israel? Gun crimes in Israel are quite low (citation: .) But they have pretty stringent gun controls too, less stringent than Australia, much more stringent than the USA.

    • Those statistics are meaningless. The vast majority of gun murders in the US are minority gangs with illegal guns. In the red counties where everyone owns guns, crime is generally very low. There are two Americas, and smearing them together is what liberals want you to do.

  14. David says:

    sabretoothed says:
    December 16, 2012 at 9:12 pm
    If guns are so bad, why doesn’t the government give them up first?
    They did and are, first to the Mexican drug cartels, and now to Islamic terrorists. Facts stranger then any fiction.

    • Streetcred says:

      Obama even saw to it that his agencies supplied guns to the Mexican drug cartels in a botched ‘sting’ !! MSM are amazing schtum about it and Americans are shot and killed with guns traced back to Obama … it’s hypocritical of him to stand up and condemn gun ownership.
      BTW, I don’t have a weapon but am military trained … and I don’t necessarily support uncontrolled gun ownership … insane people belong in institutions,where they used to be, not with access to weapons.

  15. johnmcguire says:

    It used to be that the insane were looked upon as anomolies and treated in institutions . Now they are left to wander the streets uncared about and unprovided for . We have many millions of able bodied Americans on welfare but we can’t care for those who truly need assistance . We also have psychiatrists providing untold millions of normal Americans with antidepressants and other mood altering drugs just to deal with real life instead of educating them on how to cope with unhappy situations . Our education system is in shambles due to the fact that those in control attempt to unrealisticly change peoples way of thinking instead of teaching them how to deal with and change the world around them for the better through personally taking responsibility for their own actions . The education is all about making them feel better about themselves by taking away real standards and the competetive attitude that drives improvement instead of encouraging them to excell and strive to be better than their peers . I suspect that the Ct. shooter was barely raised with real values and examples of what a good man is expected to develop into . More likely he was just abandoned to the typical American education routine and when he started developing problems dosed with the usual psychiatric medicines as though the pills would cure everything , while those responsible for his upbringing continued on in their own selfcentered lives instead of becoming involved in bringing correction and hope into his . As to gun control , it is a typical knee jerk reaction from control freaks who for the most part violate any law that impedes what they want to do . I do not believe that the average American will let any gun ban go unchalanged , Infact I suspect that a gun ban now will bring about violent insurrection .

  16. robby says:

    Every time there a debate on gun control in Australia, they always bring up port aurther.

    First of all residents complained to tasdie police station about 2 weeks about Mr Bryant, before the shooting nothing was done about it, secoundly he obtained the weapon illegally.

    The current gun control only effects law abiding Australians , criminals don’t adhere to the laws, also now proven by the beaurea of criminology large numbers of illegal guns and ammunition are coming for oversea.

    We can’t stop drugs coming into the country , then why do you think guns can’t.

    Also the manufacturing of guns in this country is happening also. Don’t believe me look it up NSW man making machine guns.

    We always say look at America gun crime is so bad blah blah blah,

    Well look at Switzerland, they had full automatics and more guns to people ratio than USA, with the one lowest gun crime rate ,
    in the world

  17. robby says:

    Gun crime comes down to the lack of government solutions to mental health, real solution to drug users and there rehabilition, the countries ethical behaviour and discipline.

    Can u see knifings have gone up, take away all the guns, they will use knives, take away knives, they will use baseball bats and so on. Until we target and legislate and have effective treatment for those who committ crimes, it not the weapon used but the person.

    The only good thing that has come put of the 1996 firearms legislation was a background check and safe storage, the rest is rubbish.

    Example the day after the sandy hook shootings, a Beijing man stabbed 22 school children and one adult, look it up.

    In Australia have no rights to protect yourself, only right u have is to be a victim.

    If the day comes ( which I hope does not ) we are envaded , we will not be able to protect ourselves, an the anti gun groups will be sh*tting there pants under the table.

    Furthermore, there is three times the illegal weapons on the streets than the Australia army has in total.
    Good job anti gun groups you made Australia a safer place to live in. Don’t believe me look it up the Australian beaurea of criminology , which was a 10 year study by they government, to which they extended another two years because they didn’t like the results, guess what the figures got worse, could see that coming.
    And for 2012 its gone up drastically again.
    So Mr and Mrs gun control pat yourself on the back good work,

  18. Michelle says:

    I’m not sure where you got the statistics for an increase in home invasions for Australia because the Australian Bureau of Statistics doesn’t keep statistics on them. Sorry to throw a spanner in your web of lies

    • TheDrifter says:

      WOW WOW WOW…Michelle… Are you trying to tell me that you believe that the Australian Bureau of Statistics is the only organisation that keeps statistics???
      Hahahaha!!!! If you’re looking foir lies there Michelle please look toward the Australian Bureau of Statistics… Take a look at what they did with the hospital waiting times. then they did it again because they were caught. Now no one trusts those lyres. I think you should just cool it because that was the worst response you could have made. University of Sydney and Melbourne also do in house statistics and many many other orgs have independent stats…. Please dont say things that are obviously crap. It you look stupid.

      • Michelle says:

        Drifter, care to quote me those statistics kept by Uni of Sydney or Melbourne? Or give me a reference? And a reference for the information on hospital waiting times they are supposed to have been caught doing in an untrustworthy manner? Oh, and it’s ‘no one trusts those liars’. Who looks stupid now? By the way, do you actually live in Australia?

    • TheDrifter says:

      Michelle.. I live in Canberra Where the ABoS is… Now I’m not going to start giving you references for a number of reasons.
      1. You can find this information anywhere.
      2. I used Syd and Melb as examples of other private enterprises that keep statistics
      3. The story on the auditing of the hospital waiting times has been all over the news, general media and parliament have been all over it for the past 6months which tells me you either live in a box or you dont live in Australia, because if you did you would know all this already. It’s very common knowledge here. If you missed it on TV look it up on YouTube.
      4. There are many different places on the net and the libraries where you can find the accumulated stats on this subject… Learn to Google rather than asking for references because you’ll get more info from different sources that way.
      5. I think you’ve made yourself look dumb enough because I can find all these stats in about 10mins on the net because of the freedom of information act.

      • Michelle says:

        I live in Sydney. I read the papers daily. I asked for your references because I did do the research and couldn’t find them. Do they exist? I’m always suspicious of people who spend a lot of time calling other people dumb and then can’t find a single reference even when they claim ‘they are all over the net’ Are you sure you can find the net? Hint: click the big ‘e’ on your computer screen

    • TheDrifter says:

      HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!! You said in your first post…
      “I’m not sure where you got the statistics for an increase in home invasions for Australia because the Australian Bureau of Statistics doesn’t keep statistics on them.”
      Which is why I said…
      “Are you trying to tell me that you believe that the Australian Bureau of Statistics is the only organisation that keeps statistics???”
      Which tells me you looked briefly at one sorce… The Australian Bureau of Statistics… But now you’re trying to tell me that you all this research and couldn’t find anything???
      ARE YOU SERIOUS!!???
      By the way.. It really doesn’t take much time to type the word “dumb” so to say that I spend a lot of my time doing it seems like more of an excuse to bite back, than any actual debate strategy…
      I just think its funny that in the same sentence you can say…
      “I’m always suspicious of people who spend a lot of time calling other people dumb”
      and then say…
      “Are you sure you can find the net? Hint: click the big ‘e’ on your computer screen”
      Which is pretty much the same thing as calling someone dumb, but im sure that took a bit longer to type than plain, old dumb.
      And just so you know, I never actually called you dumb, I said that your COMMENT “makes you LOOK stupid”, not that you actually are… There is a difference.
      Just so you know… I dont have “the big ‘e’ ” on my computer, I own a Mac… It’s Safari on mine.
      And that has just shown me that you assume far too much, and if you haven’t found the info… KEEP LOOKING. I will not do your leg work for you… It’s there so get cracking at it. Hint: Try visiting a library or looking through statistic boards on the national scale. :oD

  19. TheDrifter says:

    It just really pisses me off when people start asking for references when all the information is right there in front of them and websites have all the information with references you could possibly want on any subject. It’s like asking me to do all your information gathering for you just so you can go straight to the answer. I refuse to do that for anyone. It’s just lazy and totally arrogant. I’ve noticed that whenever someone doesn’t like what you’re saying or is loosing an argument they go to the same defence “Where’s your references?”, “Do you have references?”, “I’ll believe you when you provide references.”
    Get stuffed!!! Go find them yourself!!!

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