Dinner At Whole Foods Market

I had dinner last night at Whole Foods Market in Centennial, Colorado – a southern suburb of Denver. Centennial is solidly Republican and has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Whole Foods Market is a great store, despite their obsession with wacko left-wing causes like global warming. When you walk in the door of that store, the first thing you see is a police officer with a .45 caliber pistol prominently displayed on the front of his belt.

The presence of that gun keeps the store’s crime rate close to zero.


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2 Responses to Dinner At Whole Foods Market

  1. LLAP says:

    When I was in Israel in the summer of 1998, the tour group I was with spent a week in Jerusalem. The modern part of Jerusalem was very much alive at night, with young people in the streets and shops open late. I felt much safer there than in any major city in Canada or the U.S.. Why? Because there were plenty of Israeli soldiers present with machine guns. They were also present in the line-up for cereal in our hotel in the morning, in full army uniform with their machine guns strapped across their backs. You would have to have been completely daft to wield a weapon or rob someone in that environment.

  2. TonyO of Aust says:

    LLAP – “You would have to have been completely daft to wield a weapon or rob someone in that environment.”
    Did you notice that none of these “insane” mass killers are never quite that “daft” to ply their trade in “that environment”?

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