Pavlov’s Moron

When Tropical Storm Sandy struck New York, Mayor Bloomberg responded by demanding that we ban fossil fuels – while New Yorkers were freezing in the dark.

When a horrific shooting occurred in Connecticut, Bloomberg responded by demanding that we ban the one thing which could have kept those kids safe – a responsible adult with a gun.

If Lanza knew that there was armed security at the school, there would be 26 more people alive in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.


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6 Responses to Pavlov’s Moron

  1. Andy DC says:

    It is very annoying when commentators on both the right and left try to score political points from this unspeakable tragedy. The right, “lack of God in our schools” and the left, “we need to ban at least certain types of guns”.

    God or lack of God in the schools is not going to stop lunatics from going on rampages. And gun control will not keep guns out of the hands of lunatics, as there would always be a black market for those who want them.

    • sunsettommy says:

      A reasonable comment on your part.

      The one part I do dispute is that the SAME political party (democrats) is active in trying to ban guns AND prayer (even voluntary ones in private) in schools.While the other party wants more personal freedom and rights to be expanded to help them protect themselves better and hopefully be a better people in the process.

      What Steve wrote in his blog entry is correct and that it is the DEMOCRATS who are the ones trying to limit rights that should be left alone.

      The Mayor wants to continue the insane drive of an idea that “Fossil Fuels” strongly contributes to Tropical Storm Sandy effect.Never mind that it was far worse and more common in the 1950’s but since he is a certified liberal moron and his dumb voters who put this hypocritical BILLIONAIRE into office who made his wealth in large part BECAUSE of the existence and use of “fossil fuels”.

      Maybe if the jackass would disinvest of his wealth that depends on those fuels he is demonizing and sell off his guns and lay off his bodygards then he might have something credible to say.

  2. higley7 says:

    Armed security is the wrong phrasing for safety. You do NOT clearly mark where the guns are by putting uniforms on a few roaming guards. We also cannot afford all of that extra expense of hiring and maintaining a security force that is effective.

    Instead, the potential shooter should know that he does NOT know who is armed and who is not. That’s the deterrent. Just knowing that teachers are allowed to be armed would have changed his goals, perhaps to another site which bans guns.

    Also, armed teachers does not mean students have to fear the teachers during normal schooling. Anyone who has a concealed carry permit is also well imbued with the massive responsibility of ONLY resorting to a gun when lives, ONLY live are in danger, being theirs or those around them. Concealed-carry people are more difficult to anger, as a result. They are more reserved and willing to find amicable resolutions to disagreements.

    One thing the media NEVER mentions are the shootings that are prevented when even one person pulls a pistol on a shooter who is setting up to do a lot of killing. One such event occurred recently in Oregon where a shooter was just beginning to shoot in a mall. His gun jammed and, while working on the jam, a shopper noticed him, pulled a pistol, and began looking for a safe shot. The shooter saw the shopper’s gun and promptly killed himself.

    We will always have sociopaths and mentally aberrant people. It is only in the fairytale world of the liberals that no one is mean, cruel, or evil and we could do without guns. As bad people are a reality in our world, we need to handle it, first by being able to defend ourselves and second by working on detecting the bad people before they take action. Bad people will always find a way to actuate their plans. They will just choose other weapons or decide to be quiet serial killers. The bad choices shooters in their weapons and clips and in lack of training have actually saved lives.

  3. slimething says:

    Know God, know peace. No God, no peace.

    Three generations of kids being told there is no God, man is just another animal, morality is relative, the family unit is systematically being dismantled, unborn children are open season for murder, and we’re supposed to believe this has no influence on one’s world view?

    • LLAP says:

      @slimething: Agreed. Unfortunately, liberals would call that “progress”. I would call it societal decay, not unlike what happened to Rome.

  4. Ben says:

    I found ironic two conclusions in WP/NYtimes

    1. Benghazi attacks caused by lack of security.
    2. Sandy Hook attacks caused by arms in the hands of the citizenry.

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