One Gun Could Have Prevented Friday’s Massacre

If there was one armed person in Sandy Hook Elementary School, the massacre never would have happened. Shooters invariably target gun-free zones. You simply can not pull out a gun in a place where other people are armed.

The obvious solution is to have no gun-free zones, but leftists will of course do the exact opposite of common sense.


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11 Responses to One Gun Could Have Prevented Friday’s Massacre

  1. Andy DC says:

    Gun control will never work, because lunatics and criminals will always be able to get them on the black market.

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      Yes. Like it’s not working in several places now. Like Prohibition didn’t. Like the war on drugs isn’t.

      But the Left will never understand that. Emotion blocks their capacity to reason.

    • kbray in california says:

      Gun control means hitting the bullseye.

  2. If the murder-control authorities had done their job, and conducted a thorough background check, they never would have granted a murder permit to that murderer.

  3. Colin NZ says:

    Yeah, more guns are the answer; if those 6 and 7 year olds had been packing Glocks and 9’s in with their crayons and lunchboxes, everything would just be totally hunky dory. Once you own a gun, the person most likely to be klilled by it is you, followed closely by your family members. What I’d like to see is a statistic that tells us how many citizens successfully defend themselves against crime by using a firearm; I bet its a tiny, tiny fraction of total gun owners.

    • Rantings of an irrational person. Where I live we have very little crime because everyone owns guns. We don’t have gunbattles like they do in Chicago, because guns in the hands of responsible adults are a very powerful deterrent. No one I know has ever had to use their gun, because criminals know that the guns are there.

      Your psychotic fantasies of children carrying AK-47s are beyond brainless.

      • Colin NZ says:

        Seriously, Steven? The crayons and lunchboxes and hunky dory bit didn’t give it away? My points still stand; a gun is much more likely to kill its owner and their family members than any attacker, and a tiny, tiny percentage of gun owners EVER use a gun to defend themselves. And if the mere ownership of guns is enough to deter the use of guns, then please explain why America has the highest per capita ownership of guns and highest incidence of gun crime in the world? By your logic, there should be virtually no gun crime.

      • Me says:

        Farm equipment is much more likely to kill its owner and their family members than any attacker……

      • You have no idea what you are talking about. The vast majority of gun crime is committed in areas where guns are prohibited and with illegal weapons. You are talking out your ass.

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