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What Role Did Climate Alarmists Play In The Massacre?

Similar to many people who listen to climate alarmists, Adam Lanza’s mother was convinced that the US faces imminent doom. Children are taught in schools that their parents are destroying the planet, and that all life on the planet is … Continue reading

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Utah Skiing Devastation Update – Twelve Feet Of Snow This Autumn

Last Updated: Monday December 17th, 2012 at 6:32 AM Alta Ski Area | MOUNTAIN REPORT Last week, NRDC reported that Utah skiing is doomed from global warming.

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McKibben’s Brain On Lead Paint

Twitter / billmckibben: Oyster larvae in acidic water … The ocean is not acidic, and atmospheric CO2 was much higher during the vast majority of time when Oysters existed on Earth. McKibben is completely out of control.

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One Gun Could Have Prevented Friday’s Massacre

If there was one armed person in Sandy Hook Elementary School, the massacre never would have happened. Shooters invariably target gun-free zones. You simply can not pull out a gun in a place where other people are armed. The obvious solution … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Up Almost 50% In Australia Since The 1996 Gun Ban

Reported sexual assaults have increased by 51 percent since 1995, at an average of four percent each year. Australian Institute of Criminology – Trend in sexual assault

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Psychiatrists Again Prove That They Are Insane

“There is no indication that mental illness was a factor in the tragedy,” the National Alliance on Mental Illness said Gun debate at tipping point There is every indication that mental illness was the cause of the tragedy. Sane people … Continue reading

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The Next Obama Big Lie

2008 “If you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it,’’ Obama said.  Can everyone hear me in the back? I see a couple of sportsmen back there. I’m not going to take away your guns.’’ Obama: ‘I’m … Continue reading

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