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Planet Earth Getting Pummeled With Cold

Party is over for the climate liars. They are going to have some explaining to do. Animation using Javascript Animation Player Advertisements

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Horrors Of Global Warming Continue To Strike The Utah Ski Industry

Two weeks ago the scumbags at NRDC told us that global warming is devastating the Utah ski industry – and put a dollar amount on it. Alta has now had thirteen feet of snow this season, with another big storm coming on … Continue reading

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Rotten Appell

David Appell has a new hobby, accusing me of ripping off the taxpayer by blogging on government time. I don’t work directly or indirectly for the government, do not receive any taxpayer funding, and set my own hours during my normal 5AM to Midnight … Continue reading

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NOAA/NASA Scumbags About To Claim Hottest Year Ever

Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Alaska are being pummeled with their second straight winter of record cold and snow, and NOAA is about to announce that 2012 is the hottest year ever in the US – based on massively tampered data which … Continue reading

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Huge Blast Of Global Warming Coming To The US Soon

It is payback time from the overheated Arctic atmosphere which you caused – according to world’s leading morons at NASA and NOAA. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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Secretary Of State Predicts An Ice Free Arctic In 2013

the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013 John Kerry: We Can’t Ignore the Security Threat from Climate Change Obama is surrounding himself with a  group of people who are even stupider and more incompetent than he is.

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Global Warming Destroys Alaska First On 12/21/2012

Permafrost is melting and bubbling huge amounts of climate destroying methane into the atmosphere. Weather Forecast – USA, US – Local & Long Range | Weather Underground Fort Yukon is averaging -33C this month, with an maximum temperature of -19C for … Continue reading

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