Sand In Their Eyes

Alarmists believe that man-made CO2 controls all weather, thus it is responsible for tropical storm Sandy. Assuming for a mindless second that they are correct, then they would also have to attribute the record seven year lull in Florida hurricanes and major hurricanes to man-made CO2. A shortage of fossil fuels would send us back to the dark ages, but lefties are too stupid to figure it out.

Similarly, gun control advocates imagine that a gun ban will make their children safe because it might have prevented Sandy Hook. What they don’t see are the countless numbers of crimes which are prevented every day simply because criminals are deterred by the significant possibility of an armed individual or household. A gun ban would cause crime to skyrocket, but lefties are too stupid to figure it out.

Sick individuals have dozens of readily available mechanisms to commit mass murder. Hundreds of thousands of children die every year from being hit by car. Rwandans killed 800,000 with machetes. Lefties imagine that repressing other people will make the world safe, because they are blind in both eyes.

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5 Responses to Sand In Their Eyes

  1. scizzorbill says:

    Leftoids live in Fantasyland. Irrefutable facts that show they are wrong are discarded, as they do not support their dreamland bogus ideal state of being. I won’t say they are bonehead stupid, however they do have a very high gullibility factor.

    Libs want to save the planet from climategeddon even though the planet is in no danger, and needs no help from them. They want to believe the climate/gun control etc propaganda so they can jump on the bandwagon to prove to their low self esteem egos that they are doing their part and can feel good about themselves. It’s all about them.

    • Ivan says:

      To quote one of the ancients: “when a man no longer believes in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing – he believes in anything.”

      “Progressives” need to believe in some great moral cause to give meaning to an otherwise meaningless existence. The rest of us have to suffer as a result.

  2. squid2112 says:

    Shouldn’t these be called something like: The Tale of Two Sandy’s ?? .. just sayin’

  3. Scarface says:

    Classic strategy of the progressives.

    Their grand designs didn’t work because they didn’t have enough power or control. They always want more. Then their policies still don’t work, and they blame conservatives.

    (Copied this some time ago from a comment at AT. It was so accurately stated, I couldn’t have formulated it like this. It’s exactly what is wrong with progessive policies)

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