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Christmas Request

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good wishes for my mother last month. She is doing much better now. Unfortunately my father is in transit to the hospital now and also faces some major surgery – which is difficult … Continue reading

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NY Newspaper Prints Interactive Map To Assist Robbers, Murderers And Rapists

Witch/sinner/Jew/gun owner A New York newspaper printed a complete listing and interactive map of all legal gun owners in two counties. This provides criminals with an extremely useful guide to know which homes they can break into safely, and which … Continue reading

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Obama Says That Other People’s Children Deserve Less Protection Than His

Obama, Hypocrisy In Overdrive | Australian TEA Party h/t to Michael

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Global Warming Is Like A Chameleon

During the winters of 2010 and 2011, global warming caused heavy snow in the eastern US.During the winter of 2012, global warming brought little snow to the eastern US, and the winter of 2013 looks like global warming may bring … Continue reading

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Play Called Off At The Greenland Country Club

With temperatures at -62 degrees the pro has shut down the course – which is still recovering from two hours above freezing in July. summit:status:webcam

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Nobel Peace Prize Winning Family Engaged In Murder And Child Abuse

Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela’s wife endorsed burning political opponents alive, and was personally involved with the beating death of a child for having sex with a white girl. Record-Journal – Google News Archive Search Liberals hate themselves, so they … Continue reading

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Time Magazine Says That Antarctica Is Getting Hot

The insanity of the left continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Antarctica: It’s Getting Hot at the Bottom of the Planet By Bryan Walsh  Dec. 24, 2012 One of the big environmental stories of 2012 was the record melting … Continue reading

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