Nobel Peace Prize Winning Family Engaged In Murder And Child Abuse

Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela’s wife endorsed burning political opponents alive, and was personally involved with the beating death of a child for having sex with a white girl.

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Record-Journal – Google News Archive Search

Liberals hate themselves, so they believe that anyone (outside the country) who hates them must be good.


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5 Responses to Nobel Peace Prize Winning Family Engaged In Murder And Child Abuse

  1. Streetcred says:

    I believe that she’s been there before and managed to worm off the hook … two kinds of law, one for the political elite and one for the rest of us in the world.

    • Streetcred says:

      The warmista Taliban will probably recruit her … she’s top of the list for Professor Richard Parncutt of the University of Graz.

  2. gator69 says:

    See “Church Street Bombing”.

  3. sabretoothed says:

    Oh and Hitler was Nobel Peace Prize Nomination in 1938. Hitler was really a left wing, when a popular left wing becomes unpopular and turns into a left wing fascist, then suddenly they become ring wing fascist. But how can someone who is “right wing” have such a big government?

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