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Preparing For The Obama Constitutional Onslaught

Obama won less than 20% of US by area, so the press corps his Pravda corpse has been rapidly ramping up the lies about his mandate. This is needed to begin dismantling the US constitution and allow a few coastal … Continue reading

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The Message From Climate Alarmists To Children

Jet-setting hypocrites like Al Gore, Prince Charles, Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Friedman, James Cameron and Richard Branson tell children that they have no future because their parents are destroying the planet. This teaches all schoolchildren to hate their families, their country, … Continue reading

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LA Times Trying to Compete With Harold Camping

The world didn’t end — yet It may be more fun to consider Maya doomsday scenarios, but shouldn’t we be focused on fixing actual threats to Earth like climate change? So much for another wacky end-of-the-world theory. The hypothesis that … Continue reading

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How Long Before Baja California Drowns?

I am back from surveying the effects of global warming on Baja California. I left no stone unturned – having surveyed ocean warming by jet ski, coastal devastation by para-sail  and ice conditions in my margaritas. I also did an informal but detailed … Continue reading

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