Preparing For The Obama Constitutional Onslaught

Obama won less than 20% of US by area, so the press corps his Pravda corpse has been rapidly ramping up the lies about his mandate. This is needed to begin dismantling the US constitution and allow a few coastal cities to destroy the rest of America.

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2012 Presidential Election Results – The Washington Post


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8 Responses to Preparing For The Obama Constitutional Onslaught

  1. Eric Webb says:

    Wow, for the 2nd election in a row, every single county in Oklahoma votes for GOP, seems like those people actually have some sense.

  2. One has to be trained to recognize both good AND evil. Oklahomans even seem to be able to differentiate the lesser of two evils.

    • Muddled thinking from people like you is what re-elected Obama.

      • Muddled? IMO, GOP has as much culpability as the Demwits for the present state of affairs. if not more so. Witness the cratering Boehner, the most recent in a long line of bi-partisan RINO leadership. Goes back at least 12 decades. The GOP does not seem to stand for anything, except compromise.

      • A Romney win would have been infinitely better than an Obama win. Republicans didn’t turn out to vote because of muddled thinking – like yours.

      • Republicans didn’t turn out to vote because they are turning lazy, apathetic, or given up hope for deliverance, not unlike their Demwitted counterparts who consciously and willingly surrender themselves to slavery.

        My grandfather used to talk to his dog. He’d say, “Jiggs, would you rather be dead, or a Democrat?” The dog would roll over and play dead.

        That doesn’t mean he wanted to be a Republican. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get his own butt out from under the covers and go vote Republican either. He did, almost religiously, out of respect for the dead men and women who gave their lives for this nation. The wusses who didn’t vote live in states other than the one I live in.

        There is no muddling in admitting the GOP needs an enormous amount of help. Doesn’t keep any honest person from getting out to vote. We’re stuck with a two-party system. The GOP is currently the least undesirable. There are degrees of wickedness. Indisputedly, the Obama presidency is wicked.

      • johnmcguire says:

        Steven , here is one subject on which you and I disagree . The republican party has sold out and is in reality no better than the democrat party . Everytime the republican party has regained the legislative power they have never , I repeat never fixed any of the serious damage wrought by the democrats . They have always left career democrats in place in the bureaucracy and they have not rescinded the many executive orders that previous dem presidents have issued . They provide bandaid legislation to gaping wounds in the constitution and then they go on their own attacks against constitutional law . Case in point this patriot act , another point is the financial rape of the nation through the federal reserve ( it ain’t federal and there is no reserve ) . The republicans talk big and do little that actually helps America . I remind you that the republicans actually started the bailouts under bush . The republican party had their chance and could have won by backing Ron Paul but they don’t want the financial rape of the nation to stop as the ones at the top are making big bucks from it . This indictmant of the republican party in no way validates the democrat party , it just shows that they are both corrupt beyond repair . I will vote third party for the rest of my life as I will not vote for the lesser of two evils . Is there any such thing as only partly corrupt ? I don’t think so . If people think the reason to support the republicans is because they support gun ownership they are in for a surprise because the republican party will throw in the towel on that one too if it seems to be in their interest , if it will get them elected . The American people have blindly allowed those at the top of the republican party to corrupt it to the point that it would take a massive overthrow of the party elite to change it . If they don’t support constitutional rule what are they good for ?

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    The constitution will stand, even if not on paper. We will keep abiding by the real, valid law of the land.
    Look around the world. Tyranny is under attack. It will be defeated here also.
    They can’t even prevent people from getting stoned, much less owning a gun.

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