The Holocaust Began With Gun Control – After A Shooting

In November, 1938 Hitler used a shooting as an excuse to confiscate all of the guns owned by Jews.

Immediately after the guns were confiscated, Hitler began rounding up Jews and hauling them off to concentration camps.

ScreenHunter_356 Dec. 25 03.31

The Bulletin – Google News Archive Search

ScreenHunter_356 Dec. 25 03.28

Daytona Beach Morning Journal – Google News Archive Search

One might expect a person named “Bloomberg” to know a little bit about his own history.


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5 Responses to The Holocaust Began With Gun Control – After A Shooting

  1. oxyartes says:

    Thanks for this info.
    Have just put this on Facebook

  2. hannuko says:

    A high-ranking nazi (Hess?) said something like this in the 1943: “If we hadn’t dealt with the jews, they would have destroyed germany.” [snip]. To the germans living through the hyperinflation, it looked like a destruction of the nation and its people and they blamed the jews for it.

    When I read that quote it suddenly dawned on me: many (most?) of the nazis didn’t commit those horrible acts just because they were evil but because they were scared. They had asked themselves the question “If you could stop a genocide of your people by getting rid of a few evil people, wouldn’t you have the moral imperative to do so?” and answered the way most decent but short-sighted people would.

    They didn’t view themselves as – in todays term – evil nazis, but as victims facing extermination – [snip]. They attacked what they viewed as evil. But once you take the step to prevent something horrible from happening by killing a few people that you feel might cause something horrible in the future, you start to become less and less human yourself.

    The more you kill, the less compassion you feel towards the people you are killing. That’s because everyone thinks themselves as a good so the people they do horrible things to *must* be really horrible – why else would you be doing such things to them? It wouldn’t make sense.

    This brings me to the australian professor who called for the killing of CAGW-skeptics. He is just like the nazis in the early 30’s. A good, decent person, who is just irrationally afraid of what he sees as the enemy. Like the nazis, he has asked himself “If you could stop a genocide by getting rid of a few evil people, wouldn’t you have the moral imperative to do so?” and has come to the same utilitarian but short-sighted conclusion than the nazis 80 years ago. Killing people that haven’t done anything wrong is ok, if you really truly believe they are going to cause something bad in the future.

    This kind of systematic genocide always starts from a few high-ranking people but inevitably leads to killing of anyone who is suspected of being with “them”. New Watts’, Moranos and McIntyres would inevitably pop up so the real enemy would become the doubt in peoples minds. In everyone’s mind. And the solution would have been already established: death.

    It is ironic that he propably really thinks he is fighting the modern version of the nazi menace but fails to see the nazi staring him in the mirror.

  3. Me says:

    OT. Maurice Strong Sustainability protégé headed for jail.

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