Ban Everything That Is Dangerous

  • Humans operating cars kill one million people a year, including hundreds of thousands of innocent children. Driving should be banned.
  • AIDS kills more than a million people per year, including hundreds of thousands of children. Gay sex should be banned.
  • Heart disease causes millions of deaths every year. Overeating should be banned.
  • Depression causes hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. How much of that is tied to professional fearmongers like Al Gore?

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11 Responses to Ban Everything That Is Dangerous

  1. Dave N says:

    Sadly, politicians don’t act according to logic and reason.

  2. Andy OZ says:

    Electricity causes thousands of fatal house fires and electrocution deaths. It should be banned.
    Whale oil kills no one so lets harvest and use that instead of electricity for heat and light.
    Does this sound stupid? Of course it does.
    It appears that considered thought is a rare thing these days.

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    Actually, the Eco psycho left would like most of your list:

    They lust for a ban of automobiles, forcing everyone into mass transit to better control every Komrade. And they would love to require a strict diet of 1400 Calories of strained organic seaweed for the sheeple. Prozac or Soma for everyone sounds like something they’d go for too.

    But they want everyone to be gay pedophiles, at least part time. It’s a Middle Eastern tradition.

    And knives would have to stay, for all the beheadings.

  4. Progressives should at least be consistent. If they wish to legalise drug use they need to explain how this is going to be consistent with increased road fatalities (which will be one consequence of such policies).

    • NikFromNYC says:

      You don’t know that. Lawless drug counterculture would disappear. Pot causes careful driving whereas booze invokes carelessness in the extreme. The Drug War makes dangerously impure drugs much more available to high risk teenage drivers who compete for who can be the coolest by popping more and more unlabelled pills as they pretend to be gangsters. Condescending towards people in nanny state fashion is exactly the same argument as gun controllers offer or abortion banners use to make women vote for female choice over such ultra personal matters.

    • Maybe we should require all drivers to be stoned, and all truckers to be on cocaine.

  5. TonyO of Aust says:

    The lefties rabbit on about the killing of innocent children – but how many abortions are done – and encouraged by the lefties – each year???

  6. Government is the most dangerous thing of all. It has killed at least an order of magnitude more than your list just during the 20th century. That doesn’t count the poverty, destruction, and despair that it has caused that has subtracted immeasurably from the quality of life of those not yet dead. We should either ban Government or severely restrict its actions to what vanishingly little good it can do. Perhaps then, the other things wouldn’t be so bad.

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