Europeans Freezing By The Hundreds, As Workers Lose Their Jobs In Mindless Government Attempt To Make The Weather Colder

We truly live in an age of deep stupidity and insanity.

December 26, 2012 Cold Weather Across Europe, Asia Kills Hundreds

Cold weather in the past few days has sadly gone from severe to deadly. While unusually high snowfall has disrupted the travel plans of millions of Americans, freezing temperatures have taken the lives of hundreds of people from Central Europe to South Asia. The BBC reports that in Poland, 49 people have died; in Ukraine, 83; in Russia, 88; and in India, at least 93. The majority of those dead are the elderly and the homeless.

Cold Weather Across Europe, Asia Kills Hundreds 

The EU believes that they control weather, and they also believe that they want to make it colder.

Up to 70,000 British jobs are at risk as a direct result of European carbon reduction targets, according to a report.

The policies have pushed up the cost of energy, threatening the vital mineral industries which deal in materials such as  cement, chemicals, glass, ceramics and steel, the study claims.

It says the aluminium industry has been ‘virtually eradicated’ after closures in Anglesey and Northumberland, and blames policies which penalise ‘energy-intensive’ industries for emitting too much carbon dioxide.

As a result, firms in such industries, which employ 70,000 people, could be driven abroad where there are less stringent targets, costing jobs on our shores with no overall environmental benefits.

Up to 70,000 British jobs ‘are at risk from Brussels climate change law’ | Mail Online

Not to be outdone, the new US Secretary Of State says that the US controls the climate and wants to punish US businesses.

They all belong in a mental institution. In more rational times, our leaders would be under 24 hour professional supervision and permitted to hold no sharp objects.

h/t to Tom Nelson


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10 Responses to Europeans Freezing By The Hundreds, As Workers Lose Their Jobs In Mindless Government Attempt To Make The Weather Colder

  1. Not new but still funny:

  2. roger says:

    This morning in UK the Govt announced that renewable output was now 10% of consumption and that they are on course to reach the renewable target of 20% by 2020.
    So I checked
    Current renewable output 7.2%
    So if they triple the wind farms, pumped storage, hydro (we need more rain!), and other (the schemes that dare not speak their name), 2020 is looking nailed on.
    Do all civilizations fall when they evolve “career politicians”?

  3. B.C. says:

    While unusually high snowfall has disrupted the travel plans of millions of Americans,…

    Where is this supposed “unusually high snowfall”? I don’t recall seeing any headlines about there being record and/or “unusually high” snowfall anywhere. (And you know that our Lamestream Midiots would be screaming about Glow Bull Worming if there was even a millimeter more than the “usual” amount of snow anywhere in the country. Hell, they’re screaming about it as it is, since it inconvenienced more than a dozen people.)

    • Andy DC says:

      I guess 18″ of snow in southern Illinois and 9″ in Little Rock, AR would qualify as unusually high snowfall, but the media is not in the habit of giving actual facts and figures.

      • johnmcguire says:

        I was a kid in the fifties and sixties in south central Ilinois and can recall snow drifts over 12 feet tall with snow on the level at around three feet . So , it seems we are just cycling around to that again . Illinois is a good place to be from as it is all private land and the politics are controlled by the gun and freedom haters . Move out west where you can get a taste of freedom , That is while it still exists out here as the nut jobs think you don’t have a right to be free .

  4. Kevin says:

    When I was a young child, I believed I could control the weather. I would shut my eyes up tight and clench my fist towards the sky. AND THERE WAS THUNDER. But, then, I realized I had only farted and continued with my day.

  5. Mykel Scott says:

    There are about 500 million people , so whats a few dozen eurosicles here and there ? Wait till the atlantic conveyor shuts down most of europe is in a latitude that could reasonably be called , icicle up the arse cold . They are also woefully unprepared for such an event .

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