Rapidly Melting Antarctic Has Above Normal Ice Every Day In 2012

Steig tells us that Antarctica is experiencing a fatal meltdown, with sea ice area above normal every day in 2012. The year is finishing with an average excess of more than 8,000 Manhattans of ice.

ScreenHunter_363 Dec. 28 06.22



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6 Responses to Rapidly Melting Antarctic Has Above Normal Ice Every Day In 2012

  1. Andy says:

    Hold your horses Steve.

    Not 1st Jan 2013 yet.

    Mind you it would take a meteorite impact to push it negative.


  2. Ed Caryl says:

    That’s a very interesting quarterly cycle…

  3. Andy DC says:

    But it is WEST Antarctica that is important. They are FAR different from the rest of Antarctica (sarc).

  4. I agree it’s somewhat difficult to maintain the assertion that Antarctica is warming when the warmest parts of the region (surrounding sea ice) has a long term increase/cooling trend.

  5. tckev says:

    Ah, but the key is how FAST is it becoming above normal.


    (About as meaningless a measure as any thing else climate ‘science’ has come up with.)

  6. Do not discount the impact of undersea volcanoes…that’s not a joke. I can assure they warm the water locally. Warm water melts ice and seems to be a factor people leave out when they get anomalous data and outliers. Increased volcanic activity is a factor while it”s going on.

    Anyone can see we have an uptrend, but the climate “scientists” will draw a lone through the low points and tell us the sky is falling. What is interesting to me is the increase in divergence…

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