1906 Antarctic Meltdown Caused By High Solar Activity

From the days before climate lying became a career path at NOAA and NASA

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4 Responses to 1906 Antarctic Meltdown Caused By High Solar Activity

  1. ntesdorf says:

    W have seen over 30 years of Climate Science degenerating into infantile self-reference and a dark age of superstition. They knew more in 1906 by the look of it.

  2. co2sceptic says:

    Hi Steve

    Any change of finding a recording of the solar activity prior to the SF Earthquake days or a day before 18th April 1906, I had a look into this but did not find the source to look into this episode further. The clue on all of this is the end of cycle SC13 was similar to the end of SC23, long and inactive. What followed in 1906 for SC14 as it did in SC24 was a major quake (Japan) . Maybe Its just a coincidence, but a long period of solar inactivity and major quakes may well hold a clue in how some large quakes happen



  3. johnmcguire says:

    Yes , but this comes from back in the day when truth was considered important . Today some truth is inconvenient to the CAGW camp , and they find it so easy to lie . Look at that scumbag Gore’s idiotic movie . Look at the falsefication of the temperature record . Look at the twisting of facts done by the federal administration of the US . Look at the garbage coming out of our institutions of higher learning . If you want knowledge today you have to vett everything yourself as you can no longer trust those in the teaching industry to tell the truth . The administration of education has been corrupted to the point that it is propaganda .

  4. Dallas Beaufort says:

    Inigo Jones, RIP

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