School Gun Ban Has Increased School Shootings

Advertising that child killers will meet no resistance in a school – is the brainchild of imbeciles.

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Gun group says active killer events quadrupled after Gun Free School Zones Act – National gun rights |

h/t to Dave G


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7 Responses to School Gun Ban Has Increased School Shootings

  1. Jason Calley says:

    I do not understand why the gun-control nuts have such a hard time understanding this. They pushed for gun-free zones, and what happened? The recent school shooting was in a gun-free zone. How’s that working out? The recent theatre shooting was in a gun-free zone. How’s that working out? Practically all the mass shootings in recent years have been in gun-free zones. How’s that working out?

    And yet… and yet… the proposed solution to mass murders in gun-free zones is what? The proposed solution is to make the entire country a gun-free zone. Crazy!

    Crazy. I mean that literally. The gun-control nuts are literally crazy. They have been so brain washed on the subject of guns that they are literally not capable of rational thought on the subject. A rational adult is able to consider facts in a dispassionate manner. On the other hand, a gun-control nut, when presented with the facts on self defence and firearms can only respond as his emotions have been programmed: “EVIL! Guns are only made for MURDER!”

    Crazy. And if you think their knee jerk emotional reaction is not evidence for insanity, consider the pragmatic implementation of what they desire. Remember that they are not “earnestly suggesting that all gun owners please make the decision to give up their weapons!” They are not asking for voluntary compliance. No, they want to outlaw gun possession. Their plan is to pass a law on the subject. What does that mean? What does that entail in the real world? That means that they want a plan where any otherwise peaceful and compliant citizen who refuses to give up his weapon will then be attacked by government mercenaries, by men who will come with guns and who will shoot or kill anyone who resists. Stated clearly, their plan is as follows: “We desire peace. Our plan for achieving it is to attack and kill peaceful people who do not do what we want.”


    • johnmcguire says:

      Jason , you think clearly which is why you do not qualify as a liberal . If you managed to lose about half your brain cells and damage the other half to the point they do not function properly then maybe , just maybe you can become a liberal . 🙂

      • Jason Calley says:

        Thanks, John, for the kind words. You know, one of the maddening things about discussing gun control (CAGW also) with “progressives” is their absolute lack of knowledge on the subject. They generally understand that the bullet comes out of the hole on one end, but that is about the sum of their information. Couple that with a lack of historical study on their part and there is not much to discuss. And yet they still have an absolutely unshakable certainty that they are correct.

        It is like discussing politics with a Second Grader. What do you say to someone who is certain that Batman should be President?

  2. Andy DC says:

    I don’t like it that people feels a need to arm themselves, but in some cases it is a necessary precaution.

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