Shock News : Snowfall Is Associated With Cold

The US is getting blasted by one snowstorm after another. Last year the experts told us that the lack of snow was due to global warming, and they are about to start blaming the excess snow on global warming – because they need funding and don’t care about facts.

I plotted US snowfall vs. temperature for all GHCN HCN stations which have been continuously active since at least 1920. There is a strong correlation between cold years and snowfall – which would be obvious to any child but beyond the grasp of climate experts.

ScreenHunter_366 Dec. 29 08.21


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5 Responses to Shock News : Snowfall Is Associated With Cold

  1. tckev says:

    Wow who knew!
    Maybe this report from a while ago was(is) closer to the truth –,139587&dq=global+warming&hl=en

  2. Andy DC says:

    It is sad that something this obvious needs to be posted, but if alarmists are absurd enough to blame snowstorms on increased heat, what else can you do?

  3. Andy OZ says:

    But temperatures have gone up according to Hansen et al! How can this be happening? My head is exploding!! It goes to show that there is an IQ consuming virus out there turning Warmists into total morons.

  4. Andrew Troup says:

    To anyone whose attention span is challenged by bumper stickers your logic probably seems compelling. How does your bumper sticker science explain away the coldest place on earth having so little annual snowfall that it’s technically a desert?

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