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Cold Kills 40,000 Every Year In The UK

More than 2,500 people in England and Wales are likely to perish from cold in the week leading up to Christmas, experts said today. The forecast from the Faculty of Public Health and Met Office comes amid renewed concern over … Continue reading

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Americans Are Twice As Likely To Be Killed By A Car Than To Be Murdered

Most US murders are caused by black gang members using illegal weapons, but even including those – Americans are more than twice as likely to be killed by a car than murdered. The death rate for automobile accidents in the … Continue reading

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Lefties Want Gun Control – For Everybody Else

CNN’s David Gregory sends his children to a school with armed guards, and he openly flaunts DC gun laws on television.  He also wants to take everyone else’s guns away, and make sure that other people’s children are not protected. In 1980, journalist … Continue reading

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School Gun Ban Has Increased School Shootings

Advertising that child killers will meet no resistance in a school – is the brainchild of imbeciles. Gun group says active killer events quadrupled after Gun Free School Zones Act – National gun rights | h/t to Dave G

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1912 Shock News : Gun Ban Increased Murders

MURDERS INCREASE DESPITE PISTOL LAW – Though a Felony to Carry a Revolver, Deaths from Shooting Are Up to the Record. – View Article –

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Shock News : Snowfall Is Associated With Cold

The US is getting blasted by one snowstorm after another. Last year the experts told us that the lack of snow was due to global warming, and they are about to start blaming the excess snow on global warming – … Continue reading

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US Rainfall Increasing

Jeff Masters says (this week) that drought is the greatest threat of global warming. US precipitation has been steadily increasing for at least 90 years.

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No Long Term Trend In US Snowfall

I added some code to measure the total snowfall. The graph below plots the total annual snowfall for all 821 GHCN HCN stations which have been continuously active since at least 1920. There is no trend in US snowfall. The … Continue reading

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No Trend In McKibben Snowfall

McKibben thinks that one dry winter in 2011-2012 is a trend. Three of the ten snowiest years have been since 1998, including 2010-2011.

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Circumventing Facts With Corrupt Academic Studies

The left understands that there is no shortage of corrupt academics who will produce any result they need for their political goals. When the facts work against their political goals, they simply get some university professor to produce a fraudulent … Continue reading

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