Senate Makes Last Minute Deal To Continue Path Towards Bankruptcy

Terrified of the possibility of behaving responsibly, the US Senate has chosen to continue to push the US over the financial cliff. This pleases Obama and Soros greatly. Soros makes his living by making currencies collapse, and destroying the US will be his biggest trophy.

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11 Responses to Senate Makes Last Minute Deal To Continue Path Towards Bankruptcy

  1. Michael says:

    The only way out is inflation/devaluing the currency. The American public won’t vote for a government that will make the hard decisions to narrow the gap. When you spend 41% of GDP and raise revenue at 24% of GDP, you have an insurmountable hill to climb.

    • johnmcguire says:

      Michael , what’s up with the common sense and honest math ? This is 2013 , the year of the fantasy , reality can be denied if you just ignore it . Go to the movies , listen to a democrat speach , join a union , get a government job , etc. etc . Who needs to work when you can live in fantasy land ?

    • johnmcguire says:

      Hey , just a reminder . We have had the federal reserve ( it ain’t federal and there is no reserve ) for 100 years now . It hasn’t worked out very well for the country has it .

  2. Rosco says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the “Fiscal Cliff” deal the price Obama had to pay for approval to raise the debt ceiling last time ?

    Wasn’t it seen as the minimum “essential” measures to “save” the American economy ?

    Haven’t all your politicians simply proven themselves totally incompetent at managing a household budget let alone an economy ?

    Finally, I thought I saw a report that the economy has again hit the debt ceiling and a new deal to raise it is necessary again – or was I mistaken ?

  3. Well the US is not “Continu[ing the] Path Towards Bankruptcy…” as the country is already bankrupt.

    The question is at this stage, will the current trajectory precipitate a further crisis, such as would occur if the bond market collapsed? In a best case scenario the standard of living of every American will significantly decline as food, imported goods, fuel and other essential items steadily go up in price over many decades, or, the nation ends up with a new fiscal crisis that results in a depression.

  4. Chewage says:

    It’s a new low, with the Demo’s offering a $41 to $1 ratio deal. Offers over the past have never been anything like this..

  5. margaret berger says:

    Actually, I side with Will. We are all ready bankrupt. We are already over the cliff. The economy is in free fall. There will be some pain as we bounce along the cliff’s jutting rocks but nothing to compare to the “landing.”

  6. johnmcguire says:

    Hahahaha , I just have to laugh as I saw the report on Boehner the loser on the Drudge Report just now . I told you folks back when that clown was elected speaker that he would cave on every important issue . And guess what is next ? He will go along with some kind of gun ban too . It will be up to the average American freedom lover to stop the coming gun grab as the republican leadership will sell you out . Hey guys , I remember the flak I took when I went after boehner the loser on this and other sites , and now like a little kid I’m going nananananana I told you so . Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

  7. slimething says:

    If the Republicans in the House go along with the gun grab, it will be the end of that Party. There are millions just like me who were teetering on the edge of sitting out 2012 and are simply fed up.

    I for one am finished with the Republicans if they trample the 2nd Amendment, and if it calls for gun registration I will not do it.

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