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More Snow For Hayhoe

You know global warming is hitting hard when Texas and Mexico are getting blasted with heavy snow. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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Politicians Control The Climate

The can’t control spending, their brain, their tongue or their zipper – but they do control the climate. Politics Is Key to Avoiding Global Warming Catastrophe | LiveScience

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Snow Is A Thing Of The Past In The US

Experts told us last year that CO2 caused a lack of snow in the Eastern US. Apparently CO2 levels must have declined. nsm_depth_2013010205_National.jpg (801×458)

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McKitten Buried By Global Warming

camera0.jpg (1600×1200) Bill was named Vermonter of the year in 2012, for warning us that global warming had ruined New England winters. Voice of the Free Press: 2012 Vermonter of the Year – Bill McKibben This was the year of … Continue reading

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Will Diane Feinstein Ban Gay Sex?

Gay sex has killed millions of people in the US, many thousands of times more than those killed by NRA members. Perhaps Diane Feinstein should extend her hatred of Americans to ban all new gay sex, and create a registry for existing … Continue reading

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Hopefully Alaska Is No Longer The Canary In The Coal Mine

Alaska is going rogue on climate change. While global temperatures surge hotter and the ice-cap crumbles, the nation’s icebox is getting even icier. Global temperatures are not increasing and the Arctic is frozen solid. That may not be news to … Continue reading

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Without Global Warming, Nevada Would Be 25.7 Degrees Below Normal

MonthTDeptWRCC.png (688×531)

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