NRDC Forecast Verification

On December 7, NRDC forecast the end of Utah skiing.

Over the following three weeks after their forecast of doom, Alta received an average of one inch of snow every five hours.


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5 Responses to NRDC Forecast Verification

  1. Folks are advised to take up the topic of the end of the skiing world as we know it at a public meeting on Jan 10th in Lake Tahoe with Bob Roberts, President and CEO of California Ski Industry Association, and some IPCC guy: “”Public Invited to Global Warming Presentation by Nobel Prize Team Winner”

    No doubt, Nobel prize certificates of attendance will be given out. Meeting subject to cancellation due to inclement ̶c̶l̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶ …er, weather.

  2. Sean says:

    As of today, snow showers are forecast for January 10th, the day of the meeting. High projected to be 32 F.

  3. Lance says:

    Sounds very similar to “BBQ Summer” courtesy of Met Office

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