Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent Was Greatest On Record In December

ScreenHunter_375 Jan. 04 05.52

Snow extends all the way to Mexico because of an overheated atmosphere which is melting down the planet.

Northern Hemisphere December snow extent was the greatest on record, and has increased by more than 20,000 Manhattans since the 1960s.

ScreenHunter_375 Jan. 04 05.43

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

The IPCC predicted the exact opposite, because they have no idea what they are talking about.

2001 Ice Storms

Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms

IPCC Draft 1995

shrinking snow cover in winter

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Sets All Time December Record – 9 Million Sq Km More Than 32 Years Ago!


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22 Responses to Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent Was Greatest On Record In December

  1. NikFromNYC says:

    I accuse you sir of cherry picking half the planet!

  2. edcaryl says:

    A big snowfall last night and this morning in southern New Mexico should have expanded that map even further south.

  3. Greg Burton says:

    Saint Al of the Gore: You will pay your carbon tax for global warming, err icicle tax, based on phoney-baloney climate science to my corporation or else!

  4. PaulM says:

    It’s not just that the IPCC predicted the opposite, they actually stated the opposite in their latest (leaked) AR5 report, SPM page 5.

    “More comprehensive and improved observations strengthen the evidence that the ice sheets are losing mass, glaciers are shrinking globally, sea ice cover is reducing in the Arctic, and snow cover is decreasing and permafrost is thawing in the Northern Hemisphere.”

    • As far as I can tell, many leading climate scientists never look at any actual data. They are only interested in models which are programmed to produce the results they want.

      • Sallyanne Hopkins says:

        Of course! They get paid to say the politically correct thing. In political activism we call them Paycheck Conservatives. They are paid to argue with the left for a while and then later on they agree with the left on everything and become enforcers.

        The paycheck part is the most important part, because it is what these people do for a living. They have mortgages to pay off and kids to put through school, just like everyone else, so they won’t stop doing what they are doing, until they reach retirement.

      • Sallyanne Hopkins says:

        Just replace Paycheck Conservatives with Paycheck Global Warmer Scientist and you will understand them perfectly. The left can find thousands of scientists to fill this role. There is a lot of competition.

  5. Andy DC says:

    July snowfall, however, is decreasing. Lack of snow in Miami on the 4th of July is FAR more important than December snowfall.

  6. Cynical Aussie says:

    And yet, more heat records are being broken in Australia this summer. More record fires, more deaths. Like Last summer, and the one a couple before that. Plus, record colds during our winters. Global Warming folks and Global Cooling folks can fight all ya’all want- but I go with climate change, both hotter and colder, with more violent swings in between. Man influenced? Who knows- but I am not about to stand and argue about which direction the truck that is about to hit me came from- I am too busy getting out of the way.

  7. sunsettommy says:

    Cynical Aussie writes this:

    “Global Warming folks and Global Cooling folks can fight all ya’all want- but I go with climate change, both hotter and colder, with more violent swings in between.”

    You are describing a cooling world where those “violent swings in between” is more common because of increasing Meridonal flows in the atmosphere.

  8. FrankNorman says:

    Here in South Africa, the summer is hot.

  9. Poopsy says:

    Yes, it’s hot in summer. This is supposed to be global phenom. Why does have the world sweat and the other half freeze? Maybe they should change the name to regional warming.

  10. So, is this a “snow job”?

  11. Joseph Emmanuel Ortega says:

    I think what it is happening now days, it is that the winters are cooler records, and the summers are at the same time hotter records at North and South Hemispheres

  12. Roy says:

    Here it is cold in winter and warm in summer. Go figure.

  13. paddy bowen says:

    the extreme heat, drought in Russia, flooding in Asia, and the northern hemisphere cold are all connected to the BP oil disaster. BP used dispersants to sink the oil to the bottom of the ocean with Obama’s blessing. This hid much of the oil and allowed BP to seriously reduce the mandated fines. The Thermoregulation is a ‘ warm river ‘ of water circulation that keeps the northern hemisphere from sliding into a new ‘ice age ‘. It runs through the Gulf of Mexico collecting the oil, the oil is killing the ‘warm river’ with parts of it already dead.

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