War And Peace In Manchester

ScreenHunter_375 Jan. 04 07.40

ScreenHunter_376 Jan. 04 07.40


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3 Responses to War And Peace In Manchester

  1. omnologos says:

    If you’ve got Italians around don’t expect tea and biscuits, or deadpan

  2. Nick Milner says:

    As a lifelong City fan, Mancunian (and of course disliker of guns!) I still can’t make my mind up whether I want him in the team or not. One thing’s for sure, if he goes, sports reporting will be all the duller for his absence.

  3. Nick – agreed. Lifelong City fan as well, tho’ brought up in Bramhall and Woodford (which were all Blue when I were a lad). They are both nutters – but they are our nutters, and, FFS, it’s not the first training ground barney there has been is it? I see that that arsehole Ferguson has been weighing in with his opinion as usual – he can’t – indeed, nor can his players – shut up about us. Anyone would think we were a threat. Oh, hold on…

    Not sure what’s up with Mario this season. Problems with the mum of his kid haven’t helped, and niggling injuries and a recent virus haven’t helped. But I do so want him to come good. For us. Maybe he’ll pay tomorrow, and get again.

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