2013 Begins With Record Cold And Snow In The US

A sure sign of global warming doom is -28F in New Mexico.

ScreenHunter_384 Jan. 06 10.46

HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events for The Past Week – Continental US View


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6 Responses to 2013 Begins With Record Cold And Snow In The US

  1. Jerrymat says:

    As the saying goes “Weather is not climate.”

  2. corio37 says:

    Actually weather IS climate, in the same way that molecular movement is heat. You can have a hot gas with some slow-moving molecules in it, but if every molecule is moving slowly, then anyone who claims that the gas is hot is clearly lying.

    • Steve Baloga says:

      It’s not about heat. It is now about rate of “change”. What the he-double-hockey sticks that is. (Pun intended.)

  3. Obama said he would base everything on “True Science”, only he did not tell us that he really meant “True Political Science”.

  4. Steven Haywood Yaskell says:

    For some newer solar science insights into the emerging sun-earth connection in climate, my newest book, Grand Phases On The Sun (Trafford Publishers) will soon be available. Read the latest on emerging research on extreme ultra violet radiation in the upper atmosphere and how a “mechanism” for possibly predicting grand solar phases might soon become available. Latest research by distinguished solar scientist Cornelis de Jager shows that a return to a regular solar phase is approaching after the end of what he called a modern maximum in the middle of the 20th C. This could mean a return to solar strengths as normally experienced before 1920.

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