Bill Moyers : Skeptics Are KKK Members Who Doom The Planet

PBS’ Bill Moyers say that skeptics and tea party members are racist versions of Adam Lanza who are going to destroy the climate if they don’t kill you first with an assault rifle.

What should really be scaring the daylights out of us — the crisis which could make all the others irrelevant — is global warming. Get this one wrong and it’s over — not just for the USA, but for planet Earth. That’s the message delivered by Hurricane Sandy, and by almost all the extreme weather of the past two years.

And here in the first month of the New Year, it’s the message from the most informed scientists in the world. They’re scared, for real. And they say that unless we slow the release of global emissions from fossil fuels, slow it enough to keep the planet’s temperature from rising by two degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the earth’s polar ice sheets will melt away — with catastrophic consequences.

BILL MOYERS: Assume that I’m a skeptic. Not only a skeptic but a Tea Party Republican who goes to church every Sunday where my beloved pastor tells me that, reassures me that God created the earth 6,000 years ago and that if God wants to end the earth God will on God’s terms, that this is out of our control. If you were sitting across from a good, disciplined believer like that, what argument would you make to me? [Hey Bill, can you flesh out this stereotype a little more for me? Do I and my wife/cousin drive to church in a Hummer with assault rifles on our laps, then attend KKK rallies on the way home?

Full Show: Ending the Silence on Climate Change |

h/t to Tom Nelson and Marc Morano


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7 Responses to Bill Moyers : Skeptics Are KKK Members Who Doom The Planet

  1. johnmcguire says:

    Anyone who cannot see that bill moyers is an evil and foolish man is dumber than a box of rocks .

  2. scizzorbill says:

    Another lib rant written in Fantasyland. Basically, any musings from libs is fiction.

  3. Edmonton Al says:

    People Like Bill are the kind of people P.T. Barnum was referring to when he made his [allegedly]famous quip, about suckers.

  4. Steve Clough says:

    What school was Moyers educated in? Sears? Walmart? KMart? Woolworths?

  5. kirkmyers says:

    The feeble-minded Bill Moyers puts his ignorance on full display.

    Stupidity and gullibility seem to be the chief characteristics of the global warming true believers. Governed by tribal emotions, they are incapable of independent reasoning or critical thinking. One doesn’t know whether to pity them or laugh at them.

  6. klem says:

    Wow I did not expect a comment like that from Moyers, I had no idea he was such an idiot. Why has he been on TV so long? I think its time for him to retire.

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