Building Your Personal Gun-Free Zone

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6 Responses to Building Your Personal Gun-Free Zone

  1. David, UK says:

    Haha! These pictures paint a thousand words. Nuff said.

  2. Mike F. says:

    They should have posted Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid’s office phone numbers!

  3. slimething says:

    Was that David Appell in the first scene or the last one?

    This home was not a “gun free zone”.

    David, if you’re reading this: My wife and I exchanged gifts this year for Christmas; I gave my wife a Taurus .380 Auto, she gave me a Glock 17. We, including my son and 13 year old daughter, regularly go to the range and shoot as a family. Like they say, the family that shoots together, stays together. This weekend I took my wife and son to the gun show; the line to get in was 1/8 mile long. I bought a bipod for my AR15 and several hundred rounds of ammo for all our guns; some target rounds and some ‘personal protection’. My wife bought a pink garter holster; she looks hot in it.

    We have several guns, but so far not one of them has run away to commit a crime, nor have they threatened to shoot anyone, not even a rapist or child molester.

    Oh and David, we both carry. See, my wife was assaulted several years back at a mall parking lot. Fortunately she was not harmed as she was able to make it to her car and slam the door on the guy’s hand. He did not brandish a gun; he was the weapon. At that point in her life she swore to never be put in that position again. She now carries her new 738 in an end pocket on her purse so that when walking at a mall parking lot she is actually holding the gun inconspicuously. It is doubtful you understand why that is necessary.

  4. slimething says:

    I should add there was no mass murder at the gun show.

  5. Smokey says:

    Interesting article on what happened in England when they outlawed guns:

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