Climate Science Arrives At The Pinnacle Of Stupidity

It doesn’t get any stupider than this. Climate scientists say that warm air in the Arctic is melting the ice and bringing record cold air to China – causing ice to form there.

You really can’t get any stupider than these people are. Do they turn their heater on to cool down the room?   They have invoked the fourth law of climate morondynamics, which allows cold air to generate spontaneously from warm air.

ScreenHunter_382 Jan. 05 22.29

Record chill across China disrupts transport | News | DW.DE | 05.01.2013

We need to bring an end to this madness. Mental zombies have taken over the planet.

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34 Responses to Climate Science Arrives At The Pinnacle Of Stupidity

  1. Tel says:

    Stupidity has a pinnacle? Didn’t Einstein prove otherwise?

    I must admit that the Thermodynamic Philosopher’s Stone is a bit far fetched (turns cold into heat).

  2. ntesdorf says:

    The news of colder and colder weather is so shocking to the Warmistas’ mental balance that they have to react by creating fantasies into which they can retreat in safety. With luck they will not come out into public again until next summer.

  3. I always love it when they say “experts say” or “scientists say” without naming names. Translation, “I just made this bullshit up because nobody is dumb enough to go on record saying this”.

  4. kbray in california says:

    The warming and calving ice in the North creates “cold air tsunamis” similar to this…

    Just another modeling phenomenon generated by catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.
    These “c-a-t-s” are also invisible and not detectable by any current form of measurement,
    similar to this well known Alice in Wonderland cat…

    These “winter cats” are the seasonal opposite of the “dog days of summer”.
    woof, woof. But just wait until it really rains cats and dogs in the spring. meow.
    Then we’re really in trouble.

    See, you don’t have to be a stupid climate scientist to make up stupid theories, but it does help in getting the media coverage for it… They are morons.

  5. tckev says:

    Bitter cold has stranded about 1,000 vessels in a layer of thick sea ice on Laizhou Bay in China’s Shandong province. The ice expanded to 291 square km this week and is continuing to grow, said Zheng Dong, chief meteorologist at the Yantai Marine Environment Monitoring Center under the State Oceanic Administration.
    Meanwhile, heavy snowfall forced the closure of some sections of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, the China Daily said.

    Since late November the country has endured an average of minus 3.8 degrees Celsius, 1.3 degrees colder than the average,the chilliest in 28 years, state news agency Xinhua said on Saturday, citing the China Meteorological Administration.

    As you said Steve, Glowball Worming causes excess cold.

    • Tel says:

      Strange deja-vu…

      Given this sudden rush of global warming, for those who might be considering their long-term future and looking for a stable career, with prospects, at the moment “icebreaker crew” looks extremely promising (although you might find it difficult to convince people you were serious if you said you worked on the Mudyug – icebreaker pictured, top). Ice fishing (pictured) also looks good.

  6. Edward. says:

    Nope, haven’t worked that one out for myself yet, cold in Arctic = global warming = record cold in China. Better wait for an expert, ring Penn State or Jim at GISS………

  7. Ivan says:

    Since basic laws of physics don’t seem to apply in the lunatic asylum inhabited by “climate scientists,” I’m guessing that the mechanism works something like this:
    – CO2 heats surface water, which then becomes more dense and sinks to the bottom of the ocean
    – super-heated water then stealthily lurks at the bottom of the ocean until northern winter
    – super-heated water then stealthily creeps across the sea bed in the direction of the north pole
    – super-heated water suddenly becomes less dense, rises to the surface, and attacks the ice from underneath.

    There you go. This climate science shit isn’t so difficult after all.
    (Except for the last bit – which must be wrong – since it would require a basic law of physics to hold true.)

  8. ralphcramdo says:

    Somewhere in the world someone has built a BIG bonfire that’s causing water to evaporate causing the humidity to rise causing cold weather everywhere. Yup that’s gotta be it!
    I declare my idea scientific.Someone send me some money.

  9. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I think you are underestimating them. They are nowhere near the pinnacle yet…

  10. Andy OZ says:

    Interesting that Jim Jones shared similar beliefs as Gore, Hansen, McKibben et al: – That the human species needs to be convinced to commit mass suicide.
    Once I see Hansen, Gore et al stop flying in airplanes, stop using any fossil fuels or food or any materials made utilising fossil fuels in their manufacture, I might believe they are serious. Current behaviour points to Climate Science Proponents being the biggest scam artists since central banking was invented.

  11. Andrew says:

    The pinnacle climbers will claim a latency effect of about 5-6 mos. The ice melted last August,

    And yes, I’m just having fun too 😉

  12. Andrew says:

    more proof of GloBull****?
    Polar Bear dies of Heat Stroke (in Buenos Aires – zoo)
    guess they should have provided a meat-locker for him to live in…

  13. Global warming proponents, in positions of authority, are just one division of the Insane Left. They are playing to the self-interested, lowest class of people (one can hardly call them citizens, with a straight face), who are motivated by REVENGE now (whether against the white man, or a demonized Right, or against modern industry and its legion of conveniences and unintended consequences) as the only sure way out of their many problems. Revenge is destructive from its very foundation; so is religious belief unsupported by reality. As I have said over and over, all of our institutions have been suborned to an incompetent scientific consensus (climate science is just the leading indicator, not the whole problem). So it is far more than a scam; it is a society-wide, worldwide delusion, deliberately fostered to avoid reality, and to empower the Insane Left in its bid for absolute control. And reality WILL crush it, through general war in the end if the “leaders” of the world blindly and pridefully continue as they are. The Insane Left has chosen to splay America on the killing block, and proceeded to carve out its living heart. They truly believe they are right in this (that it is in fact “progress”), and can get away with it, which is perhaps their biggest delusion.

  14. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Gee…So, all this time, all those Ice Ages were really Warm Ages.

  15. scizzorbill says:

    There won’t be any let up on the propaganda. The Globalists are committed to running the Green movement to achieve total control over everyone. Agenda 21 is their plan and they’re sticking to it. Sadly, about half of the world population believes the crap they spew.

  16. mikael says:


    The drivell is stil åimped hard and the cause is stil not even mentioned, why and from where.

    I belived the AGW in the 90 and it was the Polarbear subbish that finaly wakened me up, to this massive heap of selfimposed paranoia and utterly religious druling about Belive Me, I know, and spiced with an epic range of armaggedons and etc.

    The wind pattern have altered, anou to change some conditions and also to push the “cold center”, the magnetic pole, is drifting into other areas than before, the movment may look minuscule, bot the averall, impact is differing/drifting from Our perspectives, based on what We know at present stage of knowledge. I belive this is happening, and the Eastern Artic/Siberian sear rute or thure the Canadian shores, is still not comersialy viable, simply by the seer Ice.
    I lived in that area, in the sub-artics sone, and I know that this waterways is not in use.
    To Go Thure that area, is not a problem right now, but that dont help since the Ice is growng to its former sice.
    A 30 year sycle, a minature “wave” of climatical fluctuationg.

    I see it clearly, the forgerys and the lies, not slitly or even remotly close to sience, the howerer prostitution and selling their souls, is the single most damaging effect to sience to this day.
    I wil NOT orgett that.
    The MSM for its despecable behaviour and sencuring of oposition, I have been singled out, by an entire MSM in my home land, basicly by to causes, in essence, relative and both have a high degree of Lies and forget history, to bulid up consensusser, garded by threats and jail, just for expressing and vocaly tell the thruth, about CAGW and the Palestinians against Israel.

    The final Tabu.

    This was just a warm up, the real batle is comming, against the fundament of this fraud, and the maintaineses of this scam, to hughe amnount of subsedicyings and blunt corruptins, regarding the “green issue” a wall street hype, to sell nuclear power, the most insane way of boiling water ever invented.
    Do not forgett, and I seriously meaning it, the mother of the black swans, the present single most devastating and ongoing threat to life on this planet, and its victims of coverup and lies, crimes commited against us all, FUKUSHIMA.
    This alone is my single consern, the rest is dwarfed, even WW3, will just be a short glime of time, and sclae of devastating is not even close to the magnitute,the range o Isotops released by Fukushima and god know what els is boiling down there.
    They lie about everything, and that in a constant stream of bullshitt and lies.

    wake up


    “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

  17. Hu Bris says:

    since we’re on the subject of “teh stoopid”: It seems that back in September someone invented a new metric for Heat – The Hiroshima™

    John Cook of SkS:

    Cherry pickers ignore the fact that our planet is currently building up heat at the stunning rate of around 3 Hiroshima bombs per second.

  18. It is I only says:

    Quote: Were carbon taxes and obedience to a global climate authority not on the line, it would be hilarious to see how the Carbonazis are trying to maintain their global warming hoax in the face of record cold.
    Simple answer will be, whom do you believe, your lying eyes or what I say!

  19. pierre says:

    they did it with FDR and the left, and if that didnt work (read up on Smedley Butler) they had the far right option. the issues may or may not be the truth, but if the truth is a given second best, follow the money.

    Click to access Sutton_Wall_Street_and_FDR.pdf

    Bosheviks and Cheka

    Click to access k


    Click to access suttonhitler.pdf

    anticipating Wall St and (apart from everything else), the Global Warming Agenda.

    it may or may not be true, but who is spinning them wheels?

  20. Rosco says:

    The really funny thing is there are people with PhDs that actually believe that cold objects make warmer objects warmer – then they say that to comply with thermodynamics the “net” flow of radiative energy is from hot to cold ????

    I mean c’mon – I thought this type of thinking was dismissed when the theory of the “ether”, calorific and frigorific “rays” was dismissed so long ago nobody remembers ?

    • I doubt many PhD’s believe that. A couple of guys write a paper speculating about atmospheric circulation changes and the activists and media jump onto it and tell everyone it’s settled science that 97% of all the world’s scientists believe in. That’s all political and idealogical game playing, though. Most of these papers are junk science but the public thinks its important so this stuff will continue to get published.

      • That is why we hear a chorus of mainstream climate scientists denouncing the BS.

      • If your job depended on keeping your mouth shut, would you speak up anyway?

        Last time I checked, I don’t think there were too many job positions for climatologists in the real economy. 😉

      • Their failure to correct the BS makes them complicit.

      • Yes it does, but that wasn’t my question, was it?

        Back in the 70’s the major medical associations went along with the proposition that if people, especially children, experienced a bad run of cold’s and flu’s, a tonsillectomy was called for. Which, by the way, was a completely unnecessary procedure with associated risks, that just happened to be in the financial interests of the medical establishment. (Such procedures are no longer carried out routinely of course.) Now, what were the doctors to do? Revolt against their medical associations? Sounds implausible to me. They would have been smeared, mocked and characterized as cranks who defied the consensus. This is the real world we’re living in.

      • Ivan says:

        Now, what were the doctors to do?
        Why, move on to greener pastures, of course.
        Now they diagnose the kids as having Attention Deficit Disorder, and dose them up with Ritalin.

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