Global Warming Strikes Southern New Mexico

ScreenHunter_384 Jan. 06 12.21

The Mountain Cam

Another big snowstorm on the way.

ScreenHunter_384 Jan. 06 12.23

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie


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4 Responses to Global Warming Strikes Southern New Mexico

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    And snowpack is 134% of normal in the Sierra Nevada ski areas according to a weather dot com video that came up on autoplay. So, I’m thinking, how does this sync with the “snow will be a thing of the past” pronouncement. And then in the video they have some global warming hack come on and say “BUT the snow is melting faster than ever because of climate change.” You got to be kidding. And I realize that weather dot com is one of hordes of liberal media outlets that is pushing the agw baloney. We are up against a inter-tangled liberal media conglomerate that is almost invincible. Not good.

  2. Lance says:

    Many years ago, the ‘center of the known universe’ aka Toronto, called in the Army when they got a ‘dusting’ of snow and the mayor declared an emergency….You guys down there should do the same…!

  3. NMsnoman says:

    I started instructing there, Ski Apache, when I was 18 (1987) so I can tell you from many years of paying close attention to the weather that, this is a very “average” year for that ski area. Not much has changed there since ’87, aside from the fire that ran through last year (little bear fire). trivia note: this is the southern most ski area in the northern hemisphere.

  4. edcaryl says:

    There is one small ski area in Mexico.

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