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Life In The Wild Wild West

Here near the Colorado-Wyoming border, just about everyone owns guns. We don’t have any shootouts, except for the occasional murder committed by the police department, and covered up by the district attorney.  We have very little crime, other than bicycles … Continue reading

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Obama To Become A Deity By Controlling The Weather And His Own Out Of Control Spending

More evidence that hallucinogens are the norm for the press corpse. Guns, Debt, and Climate Change Give Obama Shot at Immortality Gun violence, climate change, and $16 trillion in U.S. debt are life-and-death crises that give President Obama the opportunity … Continue reading

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A Militia Is Not An Army

The Virginia Bill Of Rights made it clear that the founding fathers did not consider an army to be a militia. The militia consists of armed citizens, and standing armies should be avoided.. That a well regulated militia, composed of … Continue reading

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Global Warming Now Defined By 1.5% Of The Planet

When the US has a cold winter, it is just weather. But a pleasant winter in the US demands immediate action to save the planet from global warming, while Europe, Alaska*, Russia, Siberia and Asia experience record cold and snow. … Continue reading

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Global Temperatures Continue To Slide

The fraudsters at NOAA are making hay with claims that 2012 was the hottest year ever, while global temperatures continue to slide. December was the 17th coldest in the RSS satellite record. RSS_Monthly_MSU_AMSU_Channel_TLT_Anomalies_Land_and_Ocean_v03_3.txt

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Editorial : Restore CO2 To Safe Pre-Industrial Levels

The Great Storm of 1703 was the most severe storm or natural disaster ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain.[1] It affected southern England and the English Channel in the Kingdom of Great Britain. A 120-mph (193-km/h) “perfect … Continue reading

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London Suffers The Worst Flood In Seven Centuries


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