Al Gore : “Earth Has A Fever”


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5 Responses to Al Gore : “Earth Has A Fever”

  1. kbray in california says:

    When Earth hits the tipping point, nothing will be recognizable:

    and climate science dopers can now be screwed by mary-jane, legally in several states.

    “A team of badly tripping climatologists insisted global warming was not man made but that Earth instead has been placed on a rotating spit by God who is using the Sun to slow-roast the planet over 13 billion years in order to eat it.”

    “Unprecedented weather extremes” is a hallucination. It’s all happened before, and worse.

  2. Bob Honiker says:

    Earth has a festering boil on her butt, called ALGORE.

    • Me says:

      There are more than him out there, but he seems to be at the center of the Gorebulls whinninging universe for the Green stuff. 😆

  3. Bob Honiker says:

    Any other group of people acting like the AGW crowd would be branded as a cult and investigated by the FBI.

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