Bank Of America Should Show They Are Serious About Eliminating Legal Guns

Bank of America is withholding deposits to legal FFL gun dealers accounts, because they believe guns are evil.

They should back up their beliefs by removing all armed security, and posting gun free zone signs on their banks.

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8 Responses to Bank Of America Should Show They Are Serious About Eliminating Legal Guns

  1. peterh says:

    Here’s an interesting read:

    • I stocked up on ammo as soon as Obama got 102% of the registered vote in Philadelphia. He never talked about gun control during the election, which indicated to me that he was just about to go on a huge gun grab.

  2. tckev says:

    Why all those armed guards at Fort Knox. No need it will be all perfectly safe.

  3. Robertv says:

    The same people that want to ban Assault Weapons want to ban Water. What does that tell you ?

  4. alan schultz says:

    what Bank of America really needs to do encompasses two things:

    1. Inject honesty, compliance with the law into their operations, they arwe one of the 14 banks that earlier this week “settled with regulators concerning illegalities in their home mortgage operations
    2. Immediately dispenses with the services of management personnel who were culpable, one assumes that these people occupied the highest levels of bank management.
    3. Realistically, they will do none of the above, though they likely will give the honest firearms dealer a hard time, for which they should be “taken to the woodshed.

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